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Downtime, XP Spending and Sheet Updates
« on: April 12, 2014, 03:09:23 PM »
The section on completing Downtime and XP, and sheet updates has been revised to reflect the new, separate XP & Downtime reports and deadlines.  This is a part of the Character Progression topic.

Downtime Reports, Experience Spending, and Sheet Updates

Submitting Downtime and Experience:  Please use the separate "DOWNTIME REPORT" and "EXPERIENCE SPENDING" threads in your private character area, for submitting your Downtime and XP.  We require no particular format, however we ask that you:
  • Please submit your Downtime Report within one week post-game.
  • Please submit your Experience Spending at least one week pre-game
  • Please post only one reply (to each thread) per month and edit as necessary.  If your XP or Downtime are not "final," then please indicate this at the top of your reply in one way or another (i.e. "Draft").  This will ensure that no incomplete reports are processed before they're ready.

Downtime Reports:  Your Downtime Report should include explanations and descriptions for the things your character is doing during downtime (between games).  This can include (but is certainly not limited to) things your character is learning, teaching, practicing, etc.  It may also include any of your character's routines that you believe may be important for the staff to know about.  This is also the place where you may note items of Renown-worthiness (gain or loss) that your character witnessed or is otherwise aware of.  You may also include Renown-worthy items of note for your own character, but remember Renown is more about what other people think of you, than what you think of you.

Experience Spending:  Your Experience Spending should be presented as clearly as possible.  Label sections, like "Gifts," "Abilities" and "Attributes," etc.  Please be specific.  Don't forget to specify the particulars where necessary.  For example, if you are purchasing a Trait in the Ability: Crafting, then you will need to specify the particular craft, for example: Metalworking, Woodworking, etc.

Requirement of Verifiability:  RAtC requires some measure of verifiability in cases where some form of IC interaction is required.  This applies, in particular, to the learning of Abilities and Rites from others.  For scenes that take place over instant message or chat, a transcript of the interaction should be saved to your private character area (which can then be linked in your posting).  For scenes that took place live, a summary explanation may suffice.  Additionally, the RAtC staff may seek to verify any IC interactions with the other player, as well as his or her home staff, if outside of RAtC.

Sheet Updates:  Your character sheet may be updated one or more times during downtime (between games).  Once, with the addition of earned XP about a week following game, then again, with your XP spending about a week before the next game.  This may vary, depending on factors such as: whether or not you attended the prior game, whether you've submitted a Downtime Report or Experience Spending, etc.  Sheets that are accessible via the "Get My Sheet" button in private character areas are generally updated twice monthly according to the same schedule as Downtime and Experience deadlines.  If you believe the actual sheet is incorrect when considering the "printed date" listed on the sheet, then let a staff member know.
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