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Title: Equinox 2014: Aug. 29 - 31
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(( NOTE:  The staff will post an "attention thread" in the RAtC Only forum section as the event draws closer, for players to discuss and announce their intent to attend, for sheet-sending purposes. ))

To all honorable and loyal Garou,

Something is coming.

I know these kinds of melodramatic portents grow wearisome over the years, but they remain important nonetheless. Please consider this the call for aid.

It began with a vision:

The throne beset
The Shadow comes
Will restrained
but never conquered
On that day
the light becomes Shadow
On that day
the Shadow is freed
When the Shadow is freed
this day will end
When the Shadow is freed
The light brings death.

Through meditation, vision, and interpretation, we have a day: August 30th.

In another vision, we've gained knowledge of a place: A defunct bible camp outside of a small town in Illinois known as Camp Reynoldswood.

The Septs near Chicago and in the surrounding region have been increasingly encountering members of a cult to Anthelios and every indication leads to the same conclusion: They're going to try to summon it.

We don't know exactly what will happen. Attempts are being made to foil their scheme before it can be enacted. Reconnaissance of the location has begun to find out its importance. But that's no reason not to prepare.

If they cannot be stopped before the date arrives, we'll gather at the location and face whatever comes.

I'll be speaking to the leadership of all the surrounding Septs to make arrangements.

For those who heed this call, I'll provide more information as soon as I have it. We don't know precisely what we'll face, but we'll no doubt need the strength and courage of all who can come.

Gold Star
Born Michael Underwood
Athro Homid Philodox Child of Gaia
Sometimes-Alpha of Bad Bar Joke under Painted Coyote



IT'S EQUINOX! Just a month to go.

Last year was an absolute blast. We invite everyone to come join us in repeating that success this year on the weekend of August 29-31 at Camp Reynoldswood in Dixon, IL. That's right, the IC and OOC locations will be one and the same this time.

Things to look forward to:
Tribal Gatherings
Participation (or not, your choice) in major regional plot
In-Character Pub Crawl in Dixon
Pool Party
Giant outdoor Moot with a huge bonfire (this year, we're also shooting for bigger special effects)
Catered meals on Friday and Saturday
Air-conditioned lodgings
Swag with pre-registration (I'm excited to get this, myself :)

Here's where you complete that process:

Lodging for the entire weekend, meals Friday night and all of Saturday, and the game itself are all covered by a single, inclusive, incredibly low price. $130 covers the entirety of your visit - food, lodging, and all. There's no extra game fee or anything!

Camp Reynoldswood will be reserved in its entirety. The main building is a mansion with multiple wings where most will be lodged. If enough people register, we might even be able to reserve the Treehouses - raised smaller buildings deeper in the forest with their own AC. The site is beautiful, the lodging is comfortable, the staff is friendly and helpful, and we're thrilled to see all our visiting friends again.

There's no dress code, per se, but we do ask that people keep in mind where we're playing. While it's going to be mostly private, we ask for the same common sense as any event game. Please refrain from nudity, carrying realistic firearm props (and of course no actual weapons), clothes with profanity or sexual imagery, etc.

Event Site:
Camp Reynoldswood
621 Reynoldswood Rd
Dixon, IL 61021

If you'd like to arrange anything IC prior to the event with a particular hosting Chronicle, here's the Storyteller Contact Information for each:

Hillari Behrens, HST, Chicago: New Moon Rising -hstnmr@gmail.com
Jason Williams, HST, Enigmas of Rage - EoR-ST@googlegroups.com
Hoss Perignon, HST, Shadows of the Jewel -hosshst@yahoo.com

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Any characters showing up for check-in without pre-reg will only be allowed mundane items and a single Fetish. We also will not allow any non-pre-registered character into game with any homemade Gifts, Rites, or Merits/Flaws, nor any out-of-Tribe/Breed/Auspice Gifts, and only your Rank in by-the-book Talens. This restriction can be easily avoided by using the pre-reg link above and submitting your sheets and items toowbn-equinox@gmail.comno later than August 22nd. ***