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Wrapping things up
« on: December 14, 2010, 01:46:51 AM »
Somewhere between some and most of you know this already, but in the near future I will be shelving Dominic and leaving game, at least temporarily.  There are a number of reasons for this, the more universal of which I'll be bringing up for discussion in another post, (most are more personal and unique to my current life situation and how that interacts with my character's situation in game*), but the important thing to me for now is wrapping up as much as I can.  For that reason, I'll be making an extra effort to be on boards and posting for the next few weeks. (Tonight is an exception, ironically to be blamed on a group of Rage players).  More specifically, I'm asking you to call me on this.

Starting midnight tomorrow gaia-dammit-it's-already-Tuesday (when I will hopefully be asleep after having posted) if there is a thread you want me to reply to, or a thread you want me to start, or something you want to talk to me about, please make use of the various forum-centric ways of poking me about it. There's an attention thread that will still e-mail me for the moment, or there are PMs if you want to leave a full and possibly private message.

Thanks! And now I'm going to drop unconscious.

*i.e. Among other things, I cannot be around as much as you all need me to be and as much as Dominic is.
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