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New Fera Game Starting
« on: February 07, 2012, 04:31:45 PM »
High Desert Sands
Robert looked out over the land, from the edge of the mountains you could see almost forever. His crinkled face stared at the rising sun, how many more could he stay awake for? His sleep weighed heavy upon him, he needed to sleep as did the rest of the guardians. But to do that he needed others to watch over his lands, to protect them from both the forces of the Destroyer and the Binder, the Earth needed his protection but he had done it so long, the burden was so heavy. Perhaps if there was a call out, perhaps others who felt as he did would come. He could contact Trimmins in the city, he and his always had people, perhaps he should speak to that corax, it was always wanting to spread tales and carry messages. He turn his back to the sun, feeling its warmth on his fur and lumbered back to the grove and to his pack.
Welcome to High Desert Sands, a World of Darkness Fera Game
Information you need to know right up front.
First Meeting: 3/11/12 640 Worcester Road, #305 Framingham MA 01702 (Bill’s apartment) 1:00pm.
OOC Location: Currently Framingham, will look for a permanent spot soon
IC Location: Pacific Northwest, Somewhere near Wenatchee Washington, this is a 2+hour drive to Seattle and Spokane, it is High Sierra Desert bordering on Mountains.
Allowed Fera Types: As Appropriate to North America
Gurahl: Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, not polar bears, this is too warm for them.
Bastet: Pumonca and Qualmi are acceptable
Corax: allowed
Ratkin: Allowed
Kitsune: Require ST approval and extensive backstory
Nuwisha: Allowed
Rokea: Yes the pacific is only 3 hours away, or at least a serious bay is, but do you really want to play a were-shark in the middle of a desert as well as all those stinking humans?
Nagah: Are you kidding me? First you have to find three people who can finish each others sentences and then all work together while denying what you are>
Ananasi: A spider is a possibility with a very good story and plan.
Mokole: a large pile of money will need to change hands before someone gets a dragon
Stargazers: also allowed
Other Garou: on a individual evaluated basis
Mages: Go to Tides of Power and hang out with your own kind.
Vampires: Welcome to the sun of the desert
Changlings: doubtful as they would probably be yummy lunch (magically delicious)
Wraith: Whine on your own time emo ghosts
Kinfolk: Possibility
Alka: there are no were penguins, bunnies, llamas, etc.

Extinct species like Grondr, Apis, and Camasotz are also off the table for PC’s 

At the first meeting and character creation we will be doing a points draw. This means that you get to reach into a hat, pull out a slip and get a piece of paper. Most will say numbers between 1 and 8 ( a normal months xp possibility) but there will be a few higher numbers, which means you could potentially start with a stronger character.
As an ST I believe in player driven plot within the meta-plot of the universe of the game. I am intending on applying for OWBN Membership as part of this games life so keep that in mind with character ideas.
I am also always willing to listen to input on plot, back story, NPC’s, and interaction with other games.
Email for the game
I will be setting up a website and boards soon, as soon as I figure out how.

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Re: New Fera Game Starting
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2012, 03:37:29 PM »
Directions to Bills Place for the Fera Game.
Address is 640 Worcester Road, #305, Framingham MA 01702
This is the Granada apartments, in both the Georgetown Granada Apartment complex.
This is a 6 floor building that faces Route 9 at the intersection of Main Street.
You will be coming east bound on Route 9 and come to the light at Main Street.  Take a right onto Main Street and an immediate left into the back of my building.  The parking is open or visitor during the day.  Do not park in the reserved spots.  They will tow.
There are spots all around the complex, so you might have to drive a bit.
When you come into the building buzz my apartment and I will open the door and you can come up via the elevator.
My Cell if you get lost is 813-777-6502
Warning, I only have Caffeine free Diet Coke and Sugar Free Grape Kool-Aid. If you want something else bring it yourself.
Organization starts at 1:00 pm and the XP points draw is at 2:00 pm.
I look forward to seeing you all there.

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Re: New Fera Game Starting
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2012, 06:22:49 PM »
do you have cats?
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