Author Topic: Art Lessons! Right on your 'puter!  (Read 2607 times)

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Art Lessons! Right on your 'puter!
« on: November 13, 2012, 09:07:30 AM »
First of all, hi folks!  I'm coming to the December game, though not as Shulamith: I'm shelving her for a long while.  I've got this other garou I've been itching to play for about a year, so I'm gonna do that.  And bring in a new player, too.

Second of all, I'm giving art lessons now, in person or via Skype/Teamviewer, your choice! $50/session, with the sessions running an hour to an hour and a half. Credit cards and checking accounts and lots of other payment options are possible. Frequency is up to you, once a week is optimal for quick progress, but I'll be willing to go as often as twice a week and as seldom as once a month. There will be homework, and you will need to buy a few basic art supplies. We can cover any or all of these subjects: basic drawing, advanced drawing, color theory, figure drawing, 2D Design, comic book art, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink, ink painting, greyscale acrylic painting, color acrylic painting, and braiding/knotwork. I only have a few openings, so claim your spot now!  Just send me an email, a FaceBook message, or a Direct Message in Twitter and we'll get started.  I'm not really looking at these forums, but I'll attempt to check in occasionally if it's easiest for you to send me a private message here.

See you guys December first!