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Character Creation
« on: April 10, 2014, 09:07:15 AM »
Character Creation
A Quick Reference Guide to Character Creation Rules & Restrictions

Character Creation follows the process outlined in Laws of the Wild. In accordance with OWbN policy, Staff may award new characters up to 60 experience points (XP) after character creation in support of a strong concept and/or backstory. These points are not freebie points, but experience points, and should be spent accordingly. While we rarely award the maximum 60 points at Rage Across the Cape, several factors can increase the bonus XP awarded. A detailed and interesting backstory that gives good insight into the who character is, what motivates them, and what sort of plots are likely to interest them helps tremendously. Characters that are well-integrated into the local setting with reasons to be and stay in the Cape Cod area will also tend to receive more generous initial awards.

Current restrictions are listed below.  Any aspects listed as "Capped" are currently unavailable.  Any aspects listed as "Restricted" are those that fall under OWbN R&U Breeds, and per the RAtC By-Laws require majority approval of the staff as well as a detailed and thought out background  Aspects listed as "Open" are currently open to all players.

Restricted Tribes, Auspices, and Breeds will require a very strong background and more then 50% of the ST staff's backing.  At this time, RAtC will not consider characters that fall into a OWbN R&U (Rare & Unusual) category, which requires a OWbN Council vote.

Homid - Open
Lupus - Case by Case (geographically inappropiate)
Metis - Open

Ahroun - Open
Galliard - Open
Philodox - Open
Ragabash - Open
Theurge - Open

Black Furies - Open
Bone Gnawer - Open
Children of Gaia - Open
Fianna - Open
Get of Fenris - Open
Glass Walkers - Open
Red Talons - Restricted
Shadow Lord - Open
Silent Striders - Open
Silver Fangs - Restricted (but requires working with the ST team for your heritage)
Garou Nation Stargazers - Restricted
Uktena - Open
Wendigo - Open

Merits & Flaws:
Merits and Flaws will all be treated on a case to case basis.
Rare merits and flaws will require a very strong background and more then 50% of the ST staff's backing.

Corax - Restricted
Ratkin - Restricted
All Other Changing Breeds - Capped (R&U)

In order to be approved, a Fera character should have strong motivation and willingness to cooperate with Garou, since this is primarily a Garou game. Fera characters will require a very strong background and more then 50% of the ST staff's backing.

Allies, Contacts, Kinfolk - These Backgrounds require a character background/write-up at character creation, outlining what these traits represent.

Fetish - Characters may not enter the game with higher than x3 in Fetish, and even then, Fetish x3 requires a character background and write-up.  Characters wishing to obtain a 4-point fetish may have this written into a very strong character background and will require more then 50% of the ST staff's backing.  This will provide the in-character reason for the purchase of Fetish x4 at the appropriate time (when reaching Adren or Athro rank, for instance).  Remember that the process of obtaining a 4-point fetish in-and-of itself will throw lots of interesting plot and roleplaying opportunities your way.

Pure Breed - Pure Breed x3 or higher requires a character background to explain it.  An exception to this is the Silver Fangs, who must submit this information with their heritage.  Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers may not take the Background: Pure Breed.

Resources - Be prepared to explain in your character background, the origins of the character’s Resources.  Trust funds and the like are sufficient, but beware, such things can (and do) run out.

Heritage, Numen, Touched - These Backgrounds require the submission of a character background explaining them and will require more then 50% of the ST staff's backing.  Silver Fang Heritage can be submitted to the staff at the time of character creation.  This isn't required but will help you role play your character better not only here but with OWbN.  Be sure the chosen Family/Houses makes sense.  For example, no Morningkills from Austere Howl, please.

Camps are allowed at character creation with the submission of a supporting background/write-up regarding the character’s entry into the desired camp.  Camps considered R&U according to the OWbN Character Regulation By-Laws are not allowed at Character Creation.  Examples include: Judges of Doom, Bitter Hex, Eaters of the Dead, etc.  Please see for detailed information.  Note that due to player-initiated plot in OWbN, the basic Child of Gaia Camps are once again open, contrary to previous canon.

Miscellaneous Notes:
Please be sure your character concept fits the area both geographically and culturally.  For example, we don't need Wendigo Lupus Ahrouns who hate Humans living in the basement of Provincetown Hall.

For further information on character advancement and development, please visit the Character Progression topic.
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