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Werewolves in the Pool
« on: May 22, 2015, 12:36:16 PM »
We just had our annual reminder of stuff-you-have-to-think-about-before-going-to-the-pool at Camelot, so if we do manage to get some Lupus Aquiensis this month, keep these in mind:

Pool Guidelines
Help our pool last longer and promote safe, fun swimming!
No Swimming if:  You have an open cut or wound, you are contagious, have a fever, infection, communicable diseases, or you have been sick in the last 48 hours. This allows us to keep the pool safe for everyone to use.  Please report any body fluids that have gone into the pool or on the deck area immediately, so we maintain safety for all.
Sign in! – There is a sign in sheet in the basement just inside and to left of the back double doors.  The Board of Health that regulates our pool and requires that we track pool usage, so sign in! [Not something you as guests need to worry about -- Ed.]
Shower Please:  This will help us keep the pool clean and maintain the chemical balance of the water. [It doesn't have to be immediately before. Just don't go straight from a sex dungeon or football game and jump in the pool. -- Ed.]
No glass inside the pool enclosure– Glass can break, even the smallest shard can damage tender feet as well as the pool liner.  Pieces of glass are completely invisible in the water, so please only use plastic inside the pool area.   No food/eating allowed in the pool area.
Avoid sharp objects in the pool– We have a vinyl liner that is susceptible tears and cuts.  Please do not use flippers, water shoes, hard plastic toys, or any other toys or apparel that could damage the pool.
Running and Jumping – In general, please do not run inside the pool area, running a few steps before jumping into the deep end is fine.  When jumping make sure there are no swimmers in your intended landing zone.  Jump only into the deep end where you’ll have plenty of room before you hit the bottom.
Splashing and Roughhousing – Please only splash those that care to be splashed, if you are not sure, ask.  Be extra careful while playing in the pool to be sure everyone stays safe, air is our friend!  Take a little extra care and time to be sure your level of roughhousing is OK and continues to be OK with everyone involved.
Clean Up – Make sure the pool is cleared of all toys when you are done.  The pool vacuum only functions when the pool is clear of all toys and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure it is cleared after each use.
Communicate – If something does not look right, or anything concerns you, please let us know.  This resource belongs to all of us, everyone should feel comfortable using it.

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Re: Werewolves in the Pool
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2015, 01:02:22 PM »
Thank you, Greg! As an additional note, there is a shower in the large bathroom in the basement, if needed.
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