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List of Abilities Retest
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:08:04 PM »
Following this intro post, there will be a list of abilities for gifts that otherwise had not specified a gift. Ones that have '?' or are marked with brackets will be decided when it comes into play, or on a case by case basis depending if there is more than one way to use it. For example, some gifts can be used by intimidation or by persuading. Also, not all books have been looked at, just the main ones at this point. Gifts in other books will be decided and added to the list as it comes up.

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Re: List of Abilities Retest
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2018, 02:08:17 PM »
Laws of the Wild, Revised
-Jam Tech: Repair
-Staredown: Intimidation or Leadership
-Disquiet: Empathy
-Spirit Ward: Intimidation
-Assimilation: Empathy

-Burrow: Athletics
-Create Element: Gnosis
-Curse of Hatred: Intimidation
-Mental Speech: Empathy
-Wither Limb: Willpower
-Madness: Empathy

-Heightened Senses: Primal Urge
-Hare’s Leap: Athletics
-Catfeet: Athletics
-Gnaw: Brawl
-Name the Spirit: Investigation


-Blur of the Milky Eye: Stealth
-Open Seal: Gnosis
-Scent of Running Water: Stealth
-Whelp Body: Gnosis
-Thieving Talons of the Magpie: Subterfuge

-Pulse of the Invisible: Awareness
-Spirit Drain: Gnosis
-The Malleable Spirit: Gnosis

-Truth of Gaia: Empathy
-Roll Over: Intimidation
-Wisdom of the Ancient Ways: Gnosis

-Call of the Wyld: Performance
-Mindspeak: Empathy
-Heart of Fury: Willpower
-Silver Claws: Gnosis

Black Furies
-Breath of Wyld: Gnosis
-Curse of Aeolus: Gnosis

Bone Gnawers
-Friend in Need: Willpower

Children of Gaia
-Dazzle: Empathy

-Howl of the Banshee: Intimidation
-Balor’s Gaze: Intimidation
-Faeries Kin: Performance
-Call the Hunt: Leadership

Get of Fenris
-Hero’s Stand: Willpower
-Might of Thor: Willpower
-Scream of Gaia: Rage

Glass Walkers

-Trick Shot: Firearms

Red Talon
-Curse of Lycaon: Gnosis

Shadow Lords

-Direct the Storm: Wilpower
-Shadow Pack: Gnosis

Silver Fang
-Paws of the Newborn Cub: Intimidation


-Shroud: Stealth
-Invisibility: Stealth


-Bloody Feast: Primal-Urge
-Call the Cannibal Spirit: Leadership

Black Furies Tribebook, Revised

-Flames of Hestia: Gnosis

Bone Gnawer Tribebook, Revised

-The Hungry Hound: Scrounge
-Smell of Success: Investigation
-Kitchen Chemistry: Science
-Shadow of the Rat: Survival

Children of Gaia Tribebook, Revised
-Jam Weapon: Repair
-Soothe the Savage Beast: Gnosis
-Serpent Driving: Gnosis

Fianna Tribebook, Revised
-Fire in the Belly-Willpower
-Pin the Eagles Wing: Willpower

Get of Fenris Tribebook, Revised
-Strength of Ancestors: ?

Glass Walker Tribebook, Revised
-Skyscraper Vision: Alertness
-Cool Minds: ?
-Mind Partition: Gnosis
-Whispers on the Street: Gnosis

Red Talons Tribebook, Revised
-Offering the Slain: Gnosis
-Reap the Soul: Gnosis
-Silence the Slain: Intimidation

Shadow Lords Tribebook, Revised
-Seeds of Doubt: Subterfuge
-Pure Identity: Subterfuge

Silent Strider Tribebook, Revised
-Dam the Heart Flood: Medicine

Silver Fang Tribebook, Revised
Wise Heart
-Locate Spirit Tutor: Investigation
Moon Lodge
-Crescent Moon’s Awareness: Gnosis
-New Moon Legerdemain: Gnosis

Wendigo Tribebook, Revised
-Strength of Pine: Gnosis
-Shelter of Needles: Willpower
-Last Stand: Willpower
-Balance of Wormwood: Willpower
-Virgin Snow: Occult
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