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This came up last session, so here’s a more laid out version of what I was suggesting could be done.

Pack Tactics

So, since it is kinda controversial what sort of benefits one can get when engaging in pack tactics, here is my suggestion for a super simple version that should, I hope, keep things easy for all involved.

When you are engaged in a Pack Tactic with a packmate, you can lend them a dot of Leadership or Tactics to retest the challenge.

It costs one XP to learn a Pack Tactic, and as long as the person performing it and the person helping them perform it have both purchased the Pack Tactic and can mentally communicate to coordinate via Pack Link, they can spend a Leadership or Tactics to give the other a retest when needed.

Thus, they are kinda neat, useful when retests are running dry to do things your characters have practiced together, but not opening a ton of special case house rules that need to be remembered.

Some Examples To Get Us Started:

Fur Gnarl: You are both attacking a target that is armored/has more than human health levels. Usable only after the first attack by one of you is not dodged.

Wishbone: You are both attempting to inflict damage during a grapple on the same target. Target needs to be large enough for both to grapple simulataneously.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: You are both trying to interrogate the same person, and one of you is being Intimidating, one of you is being Empathetic.

Wolf Pack Tactics: You are flanking a surrounded target from different sides.

Trading Shadows: You alternate following the same target to avoid getting spotted.

Pursuit Predation: You are both chasing the same target that is trying to escape you.

Beat Down: One of you grapples a target while the other hits them.

Over My Shoulder: One of you engages a target up close and personal while the other engages them with a long reach attack or a ranged weapon at close range.


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Re: Pack Tactics: KISS Version (as discussed briefly last game)
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honestly i have never bothered learning these, and have never seen them used including at event games etc... i think it is an xp sync for no reason....
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