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It's been fun
« on: July 06, 2015, 09:41:44 PM »

For many (like wow a lot) years I have enjoyed the interactions with the players and staff through all their iterations. No matter the struggles nor tribulations I have worked hard to hold onto RAtC as best I could, logging in often daily to try to keep the spark alive and trying to remain a helpful, positive and supportive member of the community in as classy a method as a Get of Fenris Philodox can.

Unfortunately with the boards all but dead of RP, a character which can only be on the boards most of the year isn't much fun to play, nor much use to the game. While I won't be retiring Seven Mountains, I will be pulling away from the boards for the foreseeable future.

The game has changed, and I hope for the best, but as such some things need to change with it.

If there is a scene in which 7M would be of use to you or you would enjoy some RP with me or the character, don't hesitate to let me know through PM or of board. Otherwise I hope to see you at game itself one or two times a year.

Lastly let me know this isn't a judgement or any negative statement about the staff, in fact I think the game is in good hands. It's just that a boards only/mostly character isn't a good fit anymore for the vision of the game. There are no hard feelings or ill will at all, and I hope to get to RP with everyone here or elsewhere in the future.

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