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Title: RAtC By-Law Changes and Annual Acceptance
Post by: Marc (Admin) on May 29, 2014, 08:15:00 PM
Please note that the following two updates have been made to the Rage Across the Cape By-Laws, in order to remain congruous with recent changes to the One World by Night By-Laws.  In specific...

Language was added that speaks to the upper limits for both carry-over and other bonus experience awarded at character creation:

Character Regulation, Section 1: Character Creation, Paragraph A:
A new character shall be restricted to the points allowed under standard character creation in the appropriate Mindís Eye Theater rules, plus up to thirty (30) experience points, to be awarded as a bonus during character creation.  Additionally, up to thirty (30) unspent experience points may be carried-over from a deceased or otherwise permanently retired character.  Any awards of traits, abilities, or other character statistics count towards this limit as the amount of experience that the player would have had to spend to purchase that particular statistic.  The combined total of additional experience points applied to a character at creation may not exceed sixty (60).

Language was added to make it clear that in order to turn a PC-turned-NPC back into a PC, additional OWbN requirements may need to be met.  Currently, this requires a OWbN Council proposal:

Character Regulation, Section 5: Character Antagonists, Paragraph B:
If a PC turned Antagonist is redeemed, the character can return to play as a PC at the discretion of the HST(s), and pursuant to any applicable One World by Night regulations on such.

Additionally, upon first login at or after June 1, 2014 at 12:00 AM EST, the RAtC forums Registration Agreement and full By-Laws will be presented to you for acceptance in order to continue.  We typically do this annually, to encourage players to read and be familiar with our By-Laws (and the OWbN By-Laws).  You can also review the RAtC By-Laws (http://rageacrossthecape.com/forums/index.php?topic=14105.0) at any time, right here in this sub-forum.