Character Information

Character Breakdowns and Packs

Totem's Ban (Lighthouse "Cap'n")

  • Aid any and all ships and boats in danger, no matter the passengers.
  • Do not start any large fires.

RAtC Characters & Packs:
The following is a listing of RAtC characters and the packs they belong to as of June 2018.

Curators of the Quiet Road [Peregrine Falcon]
Constantino "By Inferno's Light" de Orsini di Gravina - Homid, Athro, Theurge, Silver Fang
Taweret "Ascends the Glass Tower" - Homid, Adren, Galliard, Silent Strider
Tawny Hatshepsut Smith - Homid, Adren, Ahroun, Silent Strider
Trent "Horus" Hargrave - Homid, Fostern, Theurge, Silent Strider

It's a Secret [Granite]
Purifies the Earth With the Blood of His Enemies "Brother to the Winds" - Metis, Athro, Ahroun, Uktena
Lakota "Sings the Rift Closed" - Homid, Athro, Galliard, Uktena
Michael Cirelli - Homid, Fostern, Philodox, Uktena
Cody Teer - Homid, Cliath, Galliard, Uktena
Justin Northwood - Homid, Cliath, Wendigo, Philodox

Just Cause [Helena]
Nike "Slays the Patriarchy" Strilakos - Homid, Elder, Ahroun, Black Fury
Carter "Stomps on Banes" Heyward - Homid, Fostern, Philodox, Glass Walker

Ruby-throats [Hummingbird]
Kiara "One With the Earth" McKinnon - Homid, Athro, Philodox, Fianna
Damien "Guides the Lost" Eneas - Homid, Athro, Theurge, Child of Gaia
Lars "Extra Credit" Nielsen - Homid, Adren, Ragabash, Get of Fenris
Jerry "Zero Casualties" Castillo - Homid, Adren, Galliard, Bone Gnawer
Travis West - Homid, Adren, Ahroun, Wendigo
Stands in the Hunter's Path - Lupus, Cliath, Ahroun, Fianna

Screeching Wrath [Eagle]
Alexander "Withstands Winter's Call" van Bokkelen - Homid, Adren, Ahroun, Silver Fangs
Jack "Bears the Scars of the Stories He Tells" Harrison - Homid, Adren, Galliard, Get of Fenris
Seven Mountains - Lupus, Fostern, Ragabash, Silver Fangs

Secret's Light [Chimera]
Shulamith Jumping Mouse - Homid, Cliath, Theurge, Stargazer

The Long Shadows [NPC Guardian Pack]
Glendan "Spits at the Sky" Cormac - Homid, Athro, Ragabash, Fianna
Eileen "Nine Spirits Strong" O'Farrell - Homid, Adren, Theurge, Fianna
Three Knives - Lupus, Fostern, Philodox, Fianna
Philip "Pipes to the Mysteries" Bell - Homid, Fostern, Galliard, Fianna
Nessa "Watched it Burn" O'Sullivan - Homid, Fostern, Ahroun, Fianna
Shakes Off Thistles - Lupus, Cliath, Theurge, Bone Gnawer

Nunavut's Rage - Homid, Athro, Theurge, Wendigo [NPC]
Scott "Collateral Damage" McAllister - Homid, Cliath, Theurge, Glass Walker
Bernard Mowbray - Homid, Cliath, Philodox, Silver Fang

RAtC Census Information:
The following is a breakdown of all ACTIVE RAtC characters by Auspice, Tribe, Breed and Rank. as of June 2018.

  • Ahroun: 4 [+1 NPC]
  • Galliard: 4 [+1 NPC]
  • Philodox: 3 [+1 NPC]
  • Theurge: 5 [+3 NPC]
  • Ragabash: 1 [+1 NPC]

  • Black Fury: 1 [0 NPC]
  • Bone Gnawer: 1 [+1 NPC]
  • Child of Gaia: 1 [0 NPC]
  • Fianna: 2 [+5 NPC]
  • Get of Fenris: 2 [0 NPC]
  • Glasswalker: 2 [0 NPC]
  • Red Talon: 0 [0 NPC]
  • Shadow Lord: 0 [0 NPC]
  • Silent Strider: 3 [0 NPC]
  • Silver Fang: 2 [0 NPC]
  • Stargazer: 1 [0 NPC]
  • Uktena: 1 [0 NPC]
  • Wendigo: 1 [+1 NPC]

  • Homid: 16 [+6 NPC]
  • Lupus: 1 [+2 NPC]
  • Metis: 0 [0 NPC]

  • Cub: 0 [0 NPC]
  • Cliath: 4 [+1 NPC]
  • Fostern: 2 [+3 NPC]
  • Adren: 5 [+3 NPC]
  • Athro: 5 [+2 NPC]
  • Elder: 1 [0 NPC]

RAtC Sept Positions:
The following is a breakdown of who holds what sept position as of June 2018.

  • Head of Elder Council: Nike Strilakos
  • Elder Council: All Adren and above.  Voting members all Athro and above.
  • Ritemaster: Damien Eneas
  • Gatekeeper: Nunavut's Rage
  • Warder: Nunavut's Rage
  • Guardians: Eileen, Glendan, Nessa, Philip, Three Knives, Shakes off the Thistles
  • Keeper of the Land: Nunavut's Rage
  • Master of Challenges: Kiara McKinnon
  • Beta Master of Challenges:
  • Den Parent: Kiara McKinnon
  • Warleader: Travis West
  • Talesinger: [Unclaimed] Moot Positions are handed out before Moots and are not held from one Moot to the next.

Auspice and Tribal Elders:
The following are the claimed Tribal and Auspice elder positions as of June 2018.

  • Ahroun: Nike Strilakos
  • Galliard: Lakota
  • Philodox: Kiara McKinnon
  • Ragabash: Lars Nielsen
  • Theurge: Nunavut's Rage

  • [All Unclaimed]

Elder Council:
Vigilant Light is lead by an Elder Council, consisting of all septmembers of Adren rank and above.  The voices of all on the council are heard, however in any case where a dispute cannot be resolved by the full council, only those ranked Athro and above may vote.  Listing is current as of June 2018.

Voting Members
Nike Strilakos
Constantino de Orsini di Gravina
Kiara McKinnon
Damien Eneas
Nunavut's Rage
Glendan Cormac
Jack Harrison

Members at-Large
Lars Nielsen
Jerry Castillo
Travis West
Tawny Smith
Eileen O'Farrell