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Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« on: December 11, 2010, 04:38:10 PM »
This thread is for the posting of Public Renown Reports for the December-January downtime cycle.

Please do: Be as descriptive as possible.  Renown is a direct reflection/result of the tales told in the nation.  This is a very public thing, hence this public forum in which to post reports.

Please don't: Engage in additional IC (or OOC) conversations within this thread.  If another character is saying things about you that you do not like, start a thread somewhere appropriate and take it up with them IC ("so I hear you've been saying stuff about me...")  This thread is not the place to do that!

If you are not comfortable with this process, please feel free to continue submitting private reports.  Any combination of public and private reports may be submitted at your individual preference.  Just remember, as has already been stated, these public reports will be given more weight than privately submitted reports, as renown is such a public thing!
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2010, 01:12:17 PM »
The Eldest Galliard and Beta Renown Report:

Garou of note:

+ Wisdom: for being an effective scout as a whole.  Garret has gone on two scouting missions, and he seems to do a good job of not getting caught.
- - Honor: Tenchu defied a direct order from the Athro Beta of the Sept, when he was told to stay on the mission, and instead claimed "The Alpha" told him to leave the mission immediatly.  Also - honor for leaving the moot rite which threatened to break it.

+ Wisdom: for finding out information via Trash Heap about an impending threat to this Sept, namely an assult by the name breakers.
+ Glory: For telling a good tale at moot.
- - Honor: For frenzying during moot, right after the Master of the Howl and Beta said specifically that he will ensure that if you frenzy he will never let you see the next rank.  She then frenzied, almost immediatly.  Also - honor for leaving the moot rite, which threatened to break it.

-Honor: Ben also frenzied right after Garret said for no one to Frenzy.  This honor hit is only a minor one however, because Garret is clearly biased because wellÖ Ben is seeing his daughter, so during tale telling he swiftly glean over the fact that Ben also frenzied.

+ Wisdom: For calming frenzying Garou during the moot effectively.  Also for healing a Garou outside of his pack.
+ Honor for being the only present and active Theurge.  + Honor for holding a moot position.

+ Honor: Josh is now Alpha of his pack, through an earned challenge, and even though heís a dirty stinking metis, Garretís willing to acknowledge a smidgeon of honor in his position.
+ Wisdom: The challenge for Alpha was of the Gamecraft variety and he succeeded against a glasswalker, which is spookyÖ even though heís a dirty stinking metis.

+ Glory: For participating in a challenge to take Alpha of her pack, proving herself almost heroic in her attempts to oust the dirty stinking metis Alpha.  Also Ash told a story during moot which was good enough to really grip the attention of the audience.
+ Honor: For attempting to oust her dirty stinking metis Alpha through challenge.
+Wisdom: For nearly succeeding in game craft in a challenge against her dirty stinking metis Alpha.

+/- Honor: For being a good fool at moot, despite the fact that he is a dirty stinking metis. Minus honor for leaving the mission, despite the Betaís orders, but thatís to be expected as he is a dirty stinking metis.
+ Glory: For actually standing up to the war leader and not sucking in combat against him during a challenge.  Walks put up a great fight against Jack.
-Wisdom: It is a stupid idea for a dirty stinking metis to attempt to get a sept position and clearly doesnít know his place.

-   Honor: Garret said in the future during his moots, the coggies get to go first should anyone frenzy.  He blatantly ignored this.
-   Honor: Garret said in the future during his moots, the coggies get to go first should anyone frenzy.  He blatantly ignored this.
+Honor for being the only people to listen and wait with the Beta, and theyíre not even part of this Sept.

-   Honor: Didnít take good care of the Bone Talking part thing.  It was pretty much a frenzy fest that nearly broke a sacred moot rite, and ban of the Sept Totem.  As Alpha, nearly breaking the ban of the Sept Totem is baaaad neeeews.
+Wisdom: Garret and Dominic had a little heart to heart.  It was very wise of him to clear the air in general, proving he might not be one of the uber crazy Silver Fangs.

+Honor: Participated in an honorable challenge, beating up a dirty stinking metis. Also + Honor for holding a moot position and doing a good job.
-Glory: For having trouble beating up a dirty stinking metis.  It took him waaaay too long.

Morgan Fornow:
+Wisdom for actually being quiet, and contemplative as a theurge rather than speaking her mind every chance she gets.  This strikes Garret as rare, and wise.  Clearly she KNOWS things, because she speaks less.

+Honor/Wisdom/Glory: Jerry is the most amazing up and coming Galliard.  He knows his way around the spooky cities which makes him wise.  He is also wise because he knows how to do this reading thing.  He was an excellent Tale Singer which makes him honorable.  He is always telling stories which makes him Glorious.  Glorious all the time.
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2010, 02:34:08 PM »
ALL SEPT-MEMBERS AT GAME THIS WEEKEND: +0.5 Wisdom, giving a True Prophetic Warning, factored into relevant characters and noted with a *

Alexander van Bokkelen

Alice "Turns Back the Tides"     +0.1    +0.2   +0.1
Participated in a gathering, held sept position (+1/2/1).

Armando "Gaia's Gift ToÖ" Estrada     +0.1    +0.1    +0.1
Standard "I exist" points, he was around, did things, but nothing of particular note (+1/1/1)

*Ashley "Ash" Warner-Heller     +0.2       +0.1       +0.7
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1), plus she's learning new rites and teaching non-homid cubs & cliath about "homid-stuff" (+0/0/1). Told a good story at moot(+1/0/0). Joined a pack, not sure how much renown of which type, but that should be added as well.

*Benjamin     +0.1    +0.1    +0.5
Standard "I exist" points for helping guard the caern and performing duties (+1/1/1), minus wisdom for frenzying at moot (0/0/-1) cancels with learning lore of own tribe (and teaching it to tribemates) and another tribe (Fianna) (0/0/+1) ((also challenged for eldest Strider, but will include that in next report since unresolved))

*Damien Eneas     +0.2    +0.5    +0.8
Unselfishly putting self in harm's way to prevent harm to packmates in non-lethal circumstances (+1/0/0), teaching fellow Garou (+0/0/1), mediating a dispute between very angry black furies (0/+3/0), preventing carnage at the moot (0/+1/0), serving sept duties and helping lead Sept rites (+0/1/1), healing Garou outside own pack unselfishly on many occasions (+0/0/1

*Dominic van Bokkelen     +0.1    +0.1    +0.6
Serving sept duties and participating in Sept rites (+0/1/1), helping guard the caern (+1/0/0), mixed bag on dealing with the Technocracy, but so far seems to be working as Sept is still standing (?)

Fabrizio "Lost & Found" Estrada     +0.1    +0.1    +0.1
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1).

*Garret     +0.3    +0.1    +0.5
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1), foolhardy bravery in the face of the technocracy (+1/0/-1), writing a song that moved others to tears (+1/0/0)

*Geraldo "Jerry" Castillo     +0.1    +0.2    +0.7
Serving sept duties and participating in Sept rites (+1/1/1), serving as talemaster (+0/1/0), learning and retelling many stories of the sept and keeping the lore of the past alive (+0/0/1)

*Isabella "Mother Rat's Memory" Davis   +0.2    +0.1    +0.8
Participating in guarding the caern and carrying out sept duties (+1/1/1), -wisdom for frenzying at the moot and leaving it (0/0/-1), unselfishly sheltering another garou in danger in her own home (+0/0/1), telling very good story that held everyone's attention (+1/0/0) ((once she got going there wasn't a single person talking)), using her pack totem's ability to deliver a true prophetic warning to the sept above and beyond what everyone at the sept got (0/0/+5)

*Jack Butch Harrison     +0.2    +0.2    +0.8
Teaching fellow Garou (0/0/+1), serving as Den Parent, serving as warleader, fulfilling Sept duties (+1/1/1). Planned scouting mission that had no deaths or injuries for any of the garou involved and gained useful intel (0/0/+1). Won challenge for warleader, in particularly Get worthy fashion, wearing down and outlasting his opponent (+1/0/0)


*Joshua Dreller     +0.2           +0.3           +0.8
Standard points (+1/1/1), Learning rites (+0/0/1), passing fitting judgment on Jimmy (0/+1/1), becoming Alpha of his pack (+0/1/0), not sure what renown for his pack totem

Lakota "Sings the Rift Closed on Turtle's Back"

Madison Somerset

Mick "Buries the Wyrm in Paperwork" LaSalle    +0.1    +0.2    -0.1
Serving sept duties and participating in Sept rites (+1/1/1), performing his role of Eldest Homid very well (+0/1/0, subtly teaching lessons to sept-mates (+0/0/1), -wisdom for comments at gathering for cubs (0/0/-3)

Patrick "Gaia's_Trojan_Horse" Soloman     +0.1    +0.1    +0.1
Standard "I exist" points, helping at the B&B and such (+1/1/1)

*PEBE     +0.1    +0.1    +0.7
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1), serving as warder & eldest ahroun to ensure training, giving good advice on multiple occasions (0/0/+1)

Ramon "Breaks the Bank" Estrada  

Sam Kinkade    

*Sebastian Bishop     +0.2    +0.2    +0.7
Helped restrain frenzying garou to prevent problems at moot (0/0/+1), rebuilding forge and creating weapons and armor for the sept (+1/1/0) (don't know if he's gotten his renown for Fire Dragon), standard sept duties (+1/1/1)

Seven Mountains     +0.1    +0.1    +0.1
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1), and teaching subtle lessons about Garou life to sept-mates

Shulamith "Jumping Mouse"     +0.1    +0.1    +0.1
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1), starting honorable challenge for Fostern

*Techu     +0.1    +0.1    +0.6
Learning new Rites (0/0/+1).  Serving Sept duties (+1/1/1). Participating in scouting mission on mages.

Thoth "Takes the Back Door to Find the Heart"
I have yet to see this character in-game or on-boards other than from long ago. Is he still active, or shelved?


*Walks In From the Cold     +0.1 +0.3    +0.1 +0.2    +0.6 +0.7
Sept duties (+1/1/1), joined a pack (?), maintaining the B&B, just challenge for Warleader (+1/0/0), serving as good Fool at Moot and asking good questions (+0/1/1), holding up well in challenge against Jack despite falling in the end (+1/0/0)

Wisely Chases the Tail     +0.1    +0.1    +0.1
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1)

*Johann     +0.1    +0.3    +0.7
Passing fitting judgment on Jimmy (0/+2/0), fulfilling sept duties (+1/1/1)

Ten-Buck Tim/Horus +0.1    +0.1    +0.2
Using Strider lore to help Techu find out more about his past, teaching lore of the tribe to tribemates (+1/1/1)

Khensu     +0.1    +0.1    +0.3
Teaching lore and rites of the tribe to tribemates (+1/1/2), aiding in scouting mission (+0/0/1)

Dharviya (spelling?)    +0.1    +0.1    +0.1
Provoking debate at the moot (0/0/1), normal duties (+1/1/1) provoking argument that led to multiple frenzies (net wash) (0/0/-1)

*Jimmy     - Lots for Stone of Scorn (Don't know how much), - Lots for breaking an honorable challenge (0/-3/-1), +Wisdom for being a good Omega and bringing the wrath of his septmates on himself rather than each other (0/0/+2) ((holding off on honorable challenge until that is resolved, also on whether he is no longer Omega))

The New Klampett     +0.1    +0.1    +0.1 +0.2
Joined the sept, helped with scouting mission (0/0/+1), standard sept duties (+1/1/1) ((possibly new Omega?))

Morgan For Now (with sincere apologies for forgetting, and thanks for reminding me of others forgotten)
+0.1     +0.1     +1.0
Standard "I exist" points (+1/1/1), finding out more about herself and learning rites (0/0/+4)

Adrian     +0.1     +0.1     +0.1
Standard "I exist" points

Markus     +0.1     +0.1     +0.1
Standard "I exist" points

Marek     +0.1     +0.1     -0.1
Standard "I exist" points, frenzied at Moot

Vihtori ((spelling?))     +0.1    +0.2    +0.6
For putting down a threat to inter-sept harmony swiftly (+1/+2/+3), and for giving Jimmy the only punishment that could truly make him regret his actions (0/0/+3) ((which was freaking hillarious to watch to all involved with that))
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2010, 11:48:31 PM »
- wisdom for failing to obey the sept alpha and allowing himself to be seen/engaging the enemy on a scouting mission

Ryan Mckenna
- wisdom for not letting the COGgies trying to calm frenzying garou at the moot do so after being told to

- wisdom for not letting the COGgies trying to calm frenzying garou at the moot do so after being told to
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2010, 04:16:40 PM »
People apparently like to do Renown on a by-character rather than a by-category basis, which is how I've usually done them.  I've decided that this way makes a lot more sense, so my Renown Reports will have the person's name, total awards for the month, and then an explanation of what those awards come from.  The standard 0.1 ticks of being a septmember in good standing are NOT INCLUDED in my reports, and neither are the yearly ticks for things like honorably mated, sept positions, etc.  All rewards/penalties are in Temporary Renown.

Alice "Turns Back the Tides"   +0G  +1H  +0W
Alice deserves 1 Honor for helping to see to it that even the least well-known Garou were properly honored with a Gathering, and attending that Gathering to speak for the dead.

Ashley "Flirts With Danger" Warner-Heller     +1G  +2H  +4W
Ash deserves 1 Wisdom for being accepted as a child of Raven.  She also deserves 2 Honor for participating in a just challenge for Alpha of her new pack.  Furthermore, her tale of Doom Watch's totem quest was exciting and entertaining.  A good tale at moot earns this Galliard 1 Glory and 2 Wisdom.

Benjamin    +0G  +1H  +1W
Benjamin broke Black Unicorn's ban and beat a helpless Spiral unconscious, for which I recommend he lose 1 Honor.  However, he did this to prevent that Spiral from relaying information about our sept to its pack, for which I award him 2 Wisdom.  Breaking a totem ban is wrong, but sometimes you gotta make the tough calls.  Benjamin suffered berserk frenzy in the middle of a moot, for which I dock him 1 Wisdom.  Benjamin has been working hard to do his Ahroun duty and keep his pack in fighting form, even creating and maintaining a special training gym, for which I award him 2 Honor.

Damien "Guides the Lost" Eneas     +0G  +1H  +5W
Damien's been teaching a lot of new Cubs and Cliath the basics of Rites, which seems good for 1 Wisdom.  He also healed several Garou not of his pack unselfishly, for 2 Wisdom.  Serving as the moot's Caller of the Wyld is good for 1 Honor.  Serving as the moot's frenzy off-switch is good for 2 Wisdom.

Dominic "Takes Up the Sword of the Fallen" van Bokkelen     +1G  +3H  +4W
Dominic cleverly convinced a fanatical Black Fury who was attacking Gaian Garou out of grief to see sense and return home without threats or coercion of any kind, which I think is worth 2 Wisdom and 2 Honor.  Serving as Truthcatcher is good for 1 Honor; the fact that tons of other Garou lost their shit during the Cracking of the Bone is their fault, not Dominic's.  Negotiating with the Technocracy and getting everyone out alive is good for 1 Glory, 1 Wisdom, and 1 Honor.

Garret "Dreamwalker"     +3G  +4H  +4W
Garret broke stealth during a scouting mission against the Technocrats and yet somehow talked his way out of it.  I call it a wash on Wisdom, but that takes some cojones, man.  1 Glory.  The expedition he led did come back with useful intel, though, so I think that's good for 1 Wisdom.  Garret deserves 2 Honor for serving as Master of the Howl, and I award him an additional 1 Honor for overcoming personal prejudice and appointing a metis to a moot position...even if he did grumble about it.  For a beautiful song that moved some septmembers to tears and touched many others, I award him 2 Glory, 1 Honor, and 3 Wisdom.

Geraldo "Jerry" Castillo     +0G  +1H  +2W
Jerry extracted useful information from the Spiral before he got murdered and shared it with his septmates, good for 2 Wisdom.  He also served as Talesinger at the moot, good for 1 Honor.

Isabella "Mother Rat's Memory" Davis   +1G  +1H  +2W
Bella sheltered Benjamin in her own home, the only place he would be safe, when we thought the Spirals were tracking him.  This seems good for 1 Honor.  Bella frenzied in the middle of the moot and then ran off.  This is a double-bad thing, costing her 2 Wisdom.  However, she told a good story at the moot, which is good for 1 Glory and 2 Wisdom.  Smart use of her totem's knowledge to warn the sept of a serious threat with a concrete timeline seems good for 2 Wisdom.

Jack "Bears the Scars of the Stories He Tells" Harrison     +2G  +4H +2W
Jack beat Walks down for Warleader in a just challenge, good for 1 Glory and 2 Honor.  He also told a good battle story, for which I award him 1 Glory and 2 Wisdom.  Jack has also been working to rebuild the Fenrir's ruined forge so it can serve the sept again, good for 1 Honor.  Serving as Wyrmfoe snags Jack 1 Honor.

Johann Hromu     +0G  +0H  +2W
Johann deserves 1 Wisdom for being accepted as a child of Raven.  Johann was smart enough to extract himself from situations that might have otherwise made him frenzy - pay attention, boys and girls!  1 Wisdom.

Joshua "Keeps on Ticking" Dreller     +0G  +4H  +4W
JD deserves 1 Wisdom for being accepted as a child of Raven.  He also deserves 3 Honor for becoming Alpha of his pack, and an additional 1 Honor as well as 1 Wisdom for besting Ash at chess to defend his Alphaship.  JD helped Damien control the frenzying Garou at moot, for which he deserves another 2 Wisdom.

Marek Rabe  +0G  +0H  -1W
First day on the sept, and he frenzies at the moot!  Not the best way to start things off...-1 Wisdom.

Mick "Buries the Wyrm in Paperwork" LaSalle    +0G  +1H  +1W
Mick flipped out in the middle of a Gathering and almost walked off - not cool, packmate!  -1 Wisdom, -1 Honor.  However, he has been providing housing at a loss for needy Kinfolk and Bone Gnawers at the Shady Grove Apartments and financing many of his pack's efforts to do good, for which I believe he deserves 2 Wisdom and 2 Honor.

Purifies the Earth with the Blood of His Enemies ("PEBE")     +0G  +1H  +2W
PEBE has tirelessly monitored the Technocracy as Warder and always offered his Uktena Wisdom to anyone who needs it, regardless of Rank.  This merits him 1 Honor and 2 Wisdom.

Sebastian "Prey To None" Bishop     +1G  +3H  +0W
Sebastian has been helping to rebuild the Fenrir's old forge and using his blacksmithing abilities to arm the sept for war.  This seems good for 2 Honor.  Sebastian also jumped into the fray to restrain his frenzying septmates, good for 1 Glory and 1 Honor.

Techu "Batter Up"     +0G  +1H  +1W
Techu is developing a reputation as a dutiful and effective scout, which seems to merit 1 Honor and 1 Wisdom.  Techu ran off in the middle of a moot after his runaway Alpha, which was disrespectful to the totem, but showed commendable loyalty and concern for his Alpha.  I call it a wash on Honor.

Walks In From the Cold     +1G  +4H  +3W
Walks deserves 1 Wisdom for being accepted as a child of Raven.  He also deserves 1 Honor for doing a ton of drudge work with the B&B.  A just challenge for Warleader, impressive if unsuccessful, merits an award of 1 Glory and 2 Honor.  Walks served as a good Fool and asked thought-provoking questions, and threw a lot of people off-balance during the moot, which nets him 1 Honor and 2 Wisdom.


Aden McKeattly     +0G  -1H  -2W
Aden nearly caused a major incident between septs by trying to leave Hidden Flame and become a member of Vigilant Light so he could challenge Dominic for Alpha.  This was ballsy, but incredibly dumb and kind of disrespectful.  -1 Honor, -2 Wisdom.

Darvya "Two Snakes One Stone"    +0G  +0H  +1W
Darvya deserves 1 Wisdom for trying to keep people from bickering during the Cracking of the Bone.

David "Redeemer" Adjari  +0G  +1H  +2W
Redeemer always makes himself available to help any Garou who ask, which merits him 1 Honor.  He also deserves 2 Wisdom for giving good advice on how to fight the Technocracy.

Johnny "The Judge" Machelli    +0G  +0H  +2W
Johnny deserves 2 Wisdom for giving good advice on how to fight the Technocracy.

Lucky Wolf    +0G  +1H  +2W
Lucky Wolf deserves 2 Wisdom for giving good advice on how to fight the Technocracy.  He also deserves 1 Honor for helping to keep frenzying Garou down during the moot.

Ryan McKenna  +0G  +1H  +2W
Ryan deserves 2 Wisdom for giving good advice on how to fight the Technocracy.  He also deserves 1 Honor for helping to keep frenzying Garou down during the moot.

Ten Buck Tim    +0G  +0H  +2W
Tim deserves 2 Wisdom for giving good advice on how to fight the Technocracy.

Vihtori "Eight Lives" Takala    +0G  +1H  +1W
Vihtori deserves 2 Honor and 1 Wisdom for punishing Jimmy cleverly and appropriately.  However, I'm docking him an Honor for going after Bella with an axe, even when she was out of frenzy.
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #5 on: December 13, 2010, 06:06:58 PM »
Alice "Turns Back the Tides"   +0G  +1H  +1W
Alice is a dumb, angry metis who constantly throws her weight around with little thought for others and their what I used to say. But now, I kinda get her. She spent some time teaching me about the treacherous side of the emotional mind and I was able to see behind the facade. Maybe being a metis for so long as given her the harder outer shell to shield herself from the rigors of our world, but I can see she's clearly misunderstood.

Ashley "Flirts With Danger" Warner-Heller     +1G  -1H  +3W
Ash is the best up and coming Class Walker we've got. Okay, okay I'm biased but still. Girl is a whiz with technology, wields a firearm--when it's appropriate, and found these crazy Fury bitches who were hiding out in OUR territory taking in children for some reformation school so they could somehow uncover spirals(?). They attacked us without checking if we were gaian. Good thing Ash found those crazy vigilantes. She does get a little overboard with the flirting......with our own kind. Yikes.

Benjamin    +2G  -2H  -3W
Benjamin is my packmate and I like him...but he tried to kill me. Okay, okay...he was possessed by a wyrm spirit or something...but still. Lack of mental fortitude put me in danger. Also, he's hooked up with Garret's kinfolk who is from the future(?) and might disappear at any a geldee. Yeah, whatever, guess it keeps the bed warm, but seems kinda...wrong. He does wreck some shit when it's called for, though. Except when he does it in crinos and the 'shit' happens to be humans in a car. Yeah. That shit happened.

Damien "Guides the Lost" Eneas     -1G  +1H  -1W
Damien's a big softy, constantly healing and calming people. Good for him, it helps out the Sept. The kid is gonna get himself killed one day. He lets people walk all over him, and doesn't let others learn from their mistakes and lick their wounds. Taking the sting out of stupidity only perpetuates the problem.

Dominic "Takes Up the Sword of the Fallen" van Bokkelen     +1G  -1H  -2W
Dominic is a pretty cool pack Alpha, but ever since he took up the mantle of Sept Alpha his family roots have started to show through. He okayed that abortion of a trap that led to people putting the veil at risk by using crinos forms, gifts, and shit in front of humans. He got all kinds of bent out of shape with Bella using a klaive when she apparently used it to save some dude's life. And he didn't keep people in check at the latest moot, so says the Galliards. He's slipping. Just...don't get in the way of him and his sword.

Garret "Dreamwalker"     -2G  -2H  -4W
Garret is an idiot. Seriously, we were in a fight where the battle plan was "Call the Wyrm and see what comes." This was as directed by the Alpha and Beta(Garret!) of the sept. So, three dudes and a fomor show up. Well, Garret had laid this incredibly witty trap with a fake wyrm creature sitting in the middle of the warehouse...which the humans that came along immediately saw. Then, when they drive inside he comes out in  Crinos and freaking blows the veil wide open....and starts clawing up the car! What the eff, man! Now I got on the hook to cover that shit, blowing up the car with the bodies in it inside the warehouse when I was done. What a tard.

Geraldo "Jerry" Castillo     +1G  +1H  +2W
Jerry is easily the best loved, most inspiration, and highest dedicated Galliard on Sept. Too bad he's a Bone Gnawer, but hey, I love my packmate all the same. He tells some of the most impressive stories, and stays diligent with old knowledge so that nothing is lost. Also, he wrecks wyrm faces like mad. Last fight I saw him in we were beating up some gangbangers who were crew with a fomori. Despite other idiots using their crinos form and generally throwing caution to the wind when it came to the veil Jerry helped make sure that no one on the wrong side of the veil witnessed anything, except the poor humans that got dead.

Isabella "Mother Rat's Memory" Davis   +0G  -1H  -2W
Relies too much on her looks to get things her way, can't help but wonder when she's gonna do it to one of us and it's gonna go awry. Her metis brother tells me something, that shit runs in the family. Speaking of which, she's got all these Gnawers she trucks with but she isn't actually a member of our Sept. Word. I say this makes her a liability, not counting that time simple insults pushed her to frenzy and her brother and Jerry had to put her down. Then she started acting like a confused kid, saying she didn't know what was going on or where she was. Lame. Also, Dominic's pretty upset about her wielding a Klaive that's got Silver Fang and Gnawer glyphs on it. I say it's a family token, let her keep it, but I've been told that's not okay.

Jack "Bears the Scars of the Stories He Tells" Harrison     +1G  -1H -1W
Angry little sumbitch, beat the piss out of me for opening my mouth. He sucks as a warleader, I keep hearing he's all fight and no planning. I keep seeing it too...just don't get too close, he's apt to crush you for saying something. He went to the most wyrm tainted place in the Protectorate and straight called the wyrm. No plan, no warning...we're lucky everyone's still alive. Ballsy, but freaking dumb.

Johann Hromu     +0G  +1H  +2W
Me and this Shadow Lord creepify newcomers to the sept until they give up their deepest secrets. It keeps the place safe and keeps others on their toes. Also, I saw him giving Litany lessons to cubs and brain-addled Cliath under the direct tutelage of Dominic, and Dom didn't even correct him much. This guy is tops. Fight? Oh, well, yeah..I never really see him fight much. I hear he's good though.

Joshua "Keeps on Ticking" Dreller     +0G  +0H  -1W
Silly Metis opens his mouth too much. Most prescient cub in deed...oh, he's a Cliath now? Well, there's a mistake. What a waste of space.

Mick "Buries the Wyrm in Paperwork" LaSalle    +0G  +0H  +0W
Mick is the coolest Ragabash ever. He tricks people all the time, no one sees his shit coming. Master social engineer and stalwart defender of the underpriviledged.

Purifies the Earth with the Blood of His Enemies ("PEBE")     +0G  +1H  +1W
Burr, what? Oh, yeah, PEBE is pretty cool. He hangs out on the Sept and is usually ahead of me on things I bring his way, intelligence wise. He kept a close eye on the Technocracy when they were sitting on our doorstep, and I've yet to catch someone on the Sept that he cleared who turned out to be a threat to us...not that I'm going to stop looking.

Sebastian "Prey To None" Bishop     +1G  +1H  -2W

Typical ahroun here. He's all guts and glory, crushing foes and breaking things, but he likes to think with his rage and his sword. Back when we beat up a bunch of gang bangers this [mandarin] put a sword in a dude's body and through a car's frame, leaving me with a mess to clean up. He likes to show up and bring gifts and a positive attitude when we need it the most. Always good for morale, Sebastian is.

Walks In From the Cold     -1G  0H  +2W
This metis knows his place, which while he is a metis that is pretty smart for him. I get the impression that he's got a secondary agenda, but he's keen on others having the same, so maybe that's a wash on honor but wisdom-wise he's a tack. Never seen him fight even once, and I'm pretty sure he hangs in the back. Also, someone once told me he tried to knife a cat. Pretty pathetic.


David "Redeemer" Adjari  -1G  +1H  +1W
Redeemer always shows an interest in the wellbeing of other garou, and shows up repeatedly to boost morale and follow up on concerns rather than leaving us to our own devices. Good neighbors are hard to find. That, however, is often countered by him lacking general courage for standing up to people for the bullshit they pull and instead trying to persuade others to do it for him or lean on others for the courage to address his issues. I had to personally push him to bring up his questions to the warleader. Wise and Honorable he might be, but glory he sometimes lacks.

Ryan McKenna  +0G  +1H  +0W

This dude comes over from another Sept and talks tactics on OUR wyrm threats. How HONORABLE is that!
Pure Breed x3
Expressive x4

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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2010, 01:25:21 AM »
Bella -.3H
While I haven't had alot of interaction with this chica, she seems solid in a fight. However she did frenzy during a Moot, and in doing so blind sided another Garou from behind.

Benjamin -.2H
Again a Moot frenzy, but kid went down before he could hurt anyone.

Damien +.2W, -.1W, +.2H
Sharp kid, managed to calm a few Garou in Frenzy during the Moot and kept the Rite intact. However teaching cubs rituals is just stupid, they hold no rank, they have no responsibilites and should be learning more important things for their survivability. And finally service during a Moot in any position is what allows them to work.

Dominic -.3W, -.3H, +.2H
Dominic, while a solid Garou has alot to learn about effective leadership. His failure to push the Technocrats off Monomay endangers the Sept. His attempting to force a challenge that would remove a challenge to his leadership AS a challenge to his leadership is unbecoming of a Silver fang, or ANY Garou. However he did participate in running the Moot.

Jack -.3W, +.4H
He continues to inspire lack luster leadership needed when a Holy Place of Gaia is under constant threat. He participated and won a just Challenge and participated in a Moot position.

Alice -.3H
Failure as an Athro to uphold the Litany. I have seen her snub and disrespect those beneth her.
Garret -.7W, +.4H
He blew a vital recon mission to scout a hostile armed encampment endangering the lives of others. He lead a Moot Rite and kept it going inspite of Franzying Garou. He also however, made his rulings for how the Moot was to be conducted unclear and failed to speak loudly. finally he allowed his pride to stand in the way of Sept security.

Jerry +.2H
Holding a Moot Position, and doing a fine job of it.

Planning for the worst case.

Sebastian +.4H
Helping maintain a Moot by subdoing Garou in frenzy and rebuilding a Shrine to Fenris that was destroyed by a former member of the Sept.

Walksin from the Cold +.4H
Participation in a Just Challenge and holding a Moot Position

Josh Dreller +.4H
Participation in a just Challenge and becoming alpha of his pack.

Mick -.2W
Frenzy During a Moot

Ash "Flirts With Danger" -.3W
 Edging closer to possibly cracking the Litany

Ryan "Razor Fang"  McKenna
Get of Fenris
Ghost Wolves under Clashing Boom boom
Sept of the Hidden Flame
Pure Breed: 3 (Get of Fenris)

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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #7 on: December 14, 2010, 11:57:18 AM »
I'm not so good with the memory part of telling stories, and I'll only say what I saw, but:

Ash "Flirts with Danger"- Participating in an honorable challenge, using her Gallard gift of dreams to share important information.

Joshua, Most Prescient Cub- Participating in an honorable challenge(and winning)

Dominic- Keeping his dignity while swallowing his pride, he maintains the right to rule until the results of Aden's challenge are finished. Participating in an honorable challenge(though it isn't finished yet).

Aden- The manner of the way he challenged was unwise, but he deserves to be able to challenge and he was an honorable challenge agreed to. Good luck to the newest member of Vigilant Light.

PEBE- He denied a BSD cub a chance at redemption because of his personal feelings, after the Sept is saved... I didn't see much more of him after this.

Sorry if I offended or forgot anyone. That is all.
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #8 on: December 14, 2010, 03:42:11 PM »
 ((my deepest apologies if I left anyone out, but I'm basing it on what I've seen up close from an in-character standpoint))

Insert Quote
Stands-In-The-Hunter's-Path, +3H
For helping to rebuild the Forge that is a Shrine to Fenris.

Bella. -1 Wisdom, +3 Wisdom, +2 Honor
Yeah, she frenzied during the moot, but given her successful gathering of intel via her pack totem, I'd say the amount of wisdom gained from that keeps her in the positive.  I've been told she's not a member of the sept, yet she continues to aid and fight for it, which is very honorable.

Damian Enias, +2W, +1G, +2H
Putting himself in harm's way of frenzying Garou to calm them into leaving frenzy.  Teaching Rites to the sept on his own initiative.

Dominic +.2H, +2W
Ran a successful moot, and kept his composure when repeatedly challenged on why the sept was not at a time of war.  The answers may not have been what people wanted to hear (Sebastian included), but they were legitimate reasons and carefully thought out.

Mick -3W, -1G, +5H
Has repeatedly refused to enter into battle, which causes others to carry the weight, but wasted no time in suggesting the death of the Den Parent over a cub's death that was out of everyone's hands.  However, for all that he's still the first to step up and offer lodging or a hand-out to those who need it.  And oh yeah, he frenzied during a moot.

Jack +.4H
He participated and won a just Challenge and participated in a Moot position, and has successfully juggled several weighty sept positions.  However, he's a Get of Fenris, and while he has brought the sept to a big victory recently, he needs to learn the value of boosting morale and maintaining a 'can do, will win' attitude.  He's my pack alpha, so I'll give him a friendly warning on the last part.  (Dont kill me man!)

Alice -.3H
Failure as an Athro to uphold the Litany. I have seen her snub and disrespect those beneath her who have done nothing to offend her. People complain that she gets no respect, yet those in lower rank have not given her any because she will not properly introduce herself so they can know who she is.
Jerry +.2H, +3W, +1G
Holding a Moot Position, and doing a fine job of it.  Telling a fine tale at the moot, and getting valuable information from a BSD cub and able to convince it to seek redemption until its packmate popped out of nowhere and killed it.

PEBE +.4W, +4H
Planning for the worst case and thinking of the survival of those around him.  An ugly truth and a hard decision given an ahroun's belief (more than any other auspice) is that the goal of war is to win.

Walks in from the Cold +.2H, +1W, +1G
Participation in a Just Challenge and holding a Moot Position, joining a pack under Raven.  Held his own fairly well against the war leader in combat.  Not too shabby for a stinking metis.

Josh Dreller +.3H, +1W
Joined a pack under Raven, participation in a just Challenge and becoming alpha of his pack.  Not bad for a stinking metis.

Johann Hromu +2W, +2H
Joined a pack under Raven, shared wisdom with the cubs, and used his Fatal Flaw gift to aid fellow Garou in defeating enemies more efficiently.

Ash "Flirts With Danger" -.1W, +1G, +5H, +1W
Joined a pack under Raven, participated in an honorable challenge for pack alpha, and told a brilliant tale at the moot.  Also has given lodging to several Garou in the sept.  However, the flirting with other Garou...well, she packs with two stinking metis and should know better.

Darvya "Two Snakes One Stone" -1H, +1W, -3W
Darvya deserves 1 Wisdom for trying to keep people from bickering during the Cracking of the Bone, but deserves a hit for ignoring the Litany that states 'Respect those beneath you, all are of Gaia'.  Her rapid-fire penchant for brow-beating and issuing death threats and violence to lower-ranked Garou who don't deserve it smacks of petty bullying, not to mention condoning when Elders do not properly introduce themselves to lower-ranked Garou. 

The Ghost Wolves +5H, +5W to all
For regularly attending our sept and continuing to freely give intell and assistance to us, especially in our battle against the Technocracy.
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #9 on: December 17, 2010, 09:28:55 PM »
Holy comprehensive Renown reports, Batman.  Much thanks to everyone who has submitted one so far; itís been incredibly helpful to remind me what happened last game.

Iím keen on this by-character report style as well.  I  wonít be including the standard .1 ticks for being a sept member in good standing, nor the Renown that comes with yearly glorious/honorable/wise actions as Iím not certain of their anniversaries.  Everything listen below is Temporary Renown.  (Rest of this is basically IC; here and above is OOC commentary.)

All right, wolves and pups.  Hereís the good word.

The sept members of Vigilant Light received a prophetic vision before the moot!  Creepy?  Yes, but also a good warning.  But did we follow it correctly?  Well . . . that remains to be seen.  Sorry, but I canít recommend anyone for the .5 Wisdom just yet.  Ask me next month when we see if weíre in the Most Unnerving Version of Tron Legacy EVER.

And now, we pause for sept member identification.

Sept Members
Alice "Turns Back the Tides"
+.1 Honor
Most of what Alice does is high-end enough that, if Iím seeing it personally, either she or I are probably doiní it wrong.  That said, she deserves .1 Honor for holding a Gathering and speaking for the dead, who most of us barely knew.  Solid.

Ash "Flirts With Danger" Warner-Heller
Crowing about my own accomplishments feels a little like ďreindeer gamesĒ to me . . . but my auspic-ial elders say itís righteous, so Iíll run with it.
+.2 Glory
+.3 Honor
+.5-6 Wisdom
After our little vision-fest I opted to give Patrick a call to let him in on at least the visions he didnít see and figure out if the vision gave everyone bees.  (It did, by the by.)  Given the Bad End result is time-sensitive, involves Tron-town and heís the single best techie in our sept, I think that deserves .1 or .2 Wisdom for keeping him informed.  Then I packed with Doomwatch under our fabulous Raven, rewarding us with .1 Wisdom.  While I lost my Pack Alpha challenge to Josh Dreller, it was still a just challenge -- .1 Glory and .2 Honor.  Multiple Garou told me How I Learned To Love Raven and Lose My Wallet (my tale at the moot for those playing the home game) was awesome, worthy of .1 Glory and .2 Wisdom.  Walks In From The Cold asked me to teach him more about homid-y things, bringing my students in Homid Studies to two; ask about our holiday edition lessons!  Thatís another .1 Honor and .1 Wisdom, and thatís low-balling it.

-.1 Wisdom
I hear Ben/jamin/Ehudís being an excellent Ahroun, and heís a cool guy.  Sadly, Iím only getting those tales second-hand.  Mostly . . . Iíve been seeing him act like a pillowcase.  I only heard about stopping the spiral from relaying intel but breaking Black Unicornís ban, but I did see him berserk during moot (-.1 Wisdom), contributing to risking it.  Careful, dude.

Damien "Guides the Lost" Eneas
+.1 Honor
+.2 Wisdom
The only nuggets of awesome I personally saw Damien perform were acting as Caller of the Wyld (.1 Honor) and calming the berserkers at the moot, which I think is worth .2 Wisdom.

Dominic "Takes Up the Sword of the Fallen" van Bokkelen
+.2 Honor
Most of Dominicís tales are sung to me second-hand, though most of what I hear is choice.  (Again, if I know most of these first-hand, Iím doiní it wrong.)  Excellent Truthcatching, quibbles aside -- .1 Honor for that.  He helped make sure Jimmyís punishment was meted out fast, too.

Garret "Dreamwalker"
+.2 Glory
+.3 Honor
+.4 Wisdom
Again, didnít see much of the dude since we were off on our totem quest.  He was Master of the Howl, though, and a damn good Galliard.  (Screw you guys -- I had something in my eye.  Yeah.)  .2 Honor for the mootwork, and .2 Glory, .1 Honor and .3 Wisdom for the song -- it was epic.  I think his appointing a metis as Fool is a wash given his otherwise strong opinions about their breed, but Iíll give him .1 Wisdom for knowing the magic mix of encouragement and intimidation to convince me to challenge for Alpha of my pack.  Savvy.

Geraldo "Jerry" Castillo
+.1 Glory
+.1 Honor
+.1 Wisdom
Mostly I saw him act as Talesinger, something at which he excels.  .1 Honor.  The combination of his words during the moot and the hySTERical story I heard him telling remind me of how heís a blessing to our Auspice; heís engaging, informative, and teaches important lessons along the way.  Maybe it sounds a little After School Special, but those tales were way cool: .1 Glory and .1 Wisdom.

Isabella "Mother Rat's Memory" Davis
-.2 Wisdom
I hear she does amazing things.  A shame Iím never around to see them.  -.1 Wisdom for berserk frenzying at the moot, and another -.1 Wisdom for running off and contributing to potentially breaking the moot rite.

Jack "Bears the Scars of the Stories He Tells" Harrison
+.1 Glory
+.4 Honor
Choice challenge, Jack, and for doing it right then and there: .1 Glory and .2 Honor.  He looked like he was keeping on top of a heinous amount of intel coordination, too, so .1 Honor there for doing his job well.  Wyrmfoe also gives him .1 Honor.

Jimmy ďLike The DickensĒ Klampet
-.8 Honor
-.2 Wisdom
. . . oh . . . oh, Stone of Scorn, kid . . . oh fail.

Johann Hromu
+.1 Honor
+.3 Wisdom
Heís a child of Raven like me, showing his (.1) Wisdom.  While he didnít challenge Josh for Alpha, his incisive questions to ensure we werenít making the decision passively, as well as his respectful withdrawal when Josh answered them to his satisfaction deserves major kudos, in my not-so-humble opinion: .1 Honor and .1 Wisdom.  Another .1 Wisdom for coordinating with Doomwatch over pack-speech to handle the frenzies as swiftly and cleanly as possible.

Joshua "Keeps on Ticking" Dreller
+.1 Glory
+.5 Honor
+.3 Wisdom
Our very own Alpha, also a child of Raven (.1 Wisdom), defended his title twice in one day.  For becoming Alpha and keeping it in a honorable challenge: .3 honor (as Alpha) and .1 Glory and .2 Honor for the just challenge.  For his part in the pack-speech frezy triage and joining Damien in the Calm Wolf Express, .2 Wisdom.  (Loviní the J.D. handle, as an aside.)

Marek Rabe
-.1 Wisdom
. . . did I see this guy?  Other than when he frenzied, I mean?  -.1 Wisdom.

Mick "Buries the Wyrm in Paperwork" LaSalle
+.2 Honor
+.3 Wisdom
Since he wasnít able to make this gathering, Iíll just mention that heís been a huge help getting me situated with my Tribe.  .2 Honor (given the righteous advice) and .3 Wisdom.

Purifies the Earth with the Blood of His Enemies ("PEBE")     +0G  +1H  +2W
+.1 Honor
+.2 Wisdom
Jerryís got it right; .1 Honor and .2 Wisdom for PEBE just being flat-out awesome as Warder and knowing his stuff.

Sebastian "Prey To None" Bishop
+.1 Glory
+.4 Honor
+.2 Wisdom
For spearheading the rebuilding of Fenrirís old forge (despite some personal tension between him and some members of that tribe . . ), .2 Honor.  For keeping the moot frenzies as under control as possible, .1 Glory and .1 Honor.  For using his totem-given gift of blacksmithing as well as his own abilities to keep us well-armed, .1 Glory and .1 Wisdom.  For helping teach those more outside Homid society about the culture and common religions, even overcoming personal biases to do it, .1 Honor and .2 Wisdom.  And he makes some staggeringly good cocoa . . . emphasis on the staggering.

Techu "Batter Up"
. . . Iím sorry, guy.  We should touch base sometime?

Walks In From the Cold
+.2 Glory
+.3 Honor
+.3 Wisdom
Like J.D., Johann and I, a child of Raven (.1 Wisdom), and one who helped chat packwise to handle the frenzies as swiftly and cleanly (.1 Wisdom).  Nice Fool, too; .1 Honor and .1 Wisdom.  He was part of a just challenge for Warleader, too, and put up one Hell of a fight: .2 Glory (that fight was impressive) and .2 Honor.

First off, all the Ghost Wolves.  Yes, thatís all of Ďem.  .2 Wisdom for their Technocracy clue and their willingness to give it up.  Thank you, guys, for giving it up.

Aidan McKeatly
-.2 Honor
-.2 Wisdom
Not quite sure what happened to the dude after he was dragged off by Longest Night et al., but, uh . . . if heís still around . . . good job, there, nearly breaking our moot.  And making people frenzy.  And suggesting becoming a member of our sept to do the challenge in the first place despite standing there with some of your septmates.  And increasing tensions between Hidden Flame and Vigilant Light.  What was that about wanting to help our sept?  Iím gonna see Jerryís suggestion and raise it: -.2 Honor, -.2 Wisdom.

Darvya "Two Snakes One Stone"
+.2 Wisdom
From the Most Surprising Renown Award Given by Ash department, .2 Wisdom (or maybe .1 Wisdom and .1 Honor?) to Darvya for her brief lesson on Fomori, and for being the first Garou to explain in a way that made sense to me why I should be (more) cautious around fellow Garou with whom Iím close . . . and by doing it in a polite, non-invasive way.  Excellent.

David "Redeemer" Adjari
+.3 Honor
For making himself consistently available to not only the sept in a broader sense, but for his exceptional work with Doomwatch and other members of the house, .2 Honor.  (One for the sept, and one for the pack/house.)  Also .1 Honor for assisting me with a bit of intel work early on at the gathering, even though it was potentially risky.

Ten Buck Tim
+.1 Honor
A bit (.1) of Honor for watching after Redeemer and I as we did our intel.

And thatís the news thatís fit to howl about.  Tune in next time when we might hear Peter and Jimmy Klampet argue about who in the sept gets to pummel which of them first.
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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
« Reply #10 on: January 13, 2011, 04:47:40 PM »
This is just a supplemental.

Alice "Turns Back the Tides"   12.1->12.1    6.9->7.1   14.0->14.0
Succeeding at becoming Sept Alpha, conducting herself well in moving into position of leadership (+.2H)

Ashley "Ash" Warner-Heller  2.0->2.0    0.1->0.2    0.9->1.0
Keeping peace between Sept members (+.1H), helping non-Homid's learn the ways of the Human world and acting as a Beta Eldest Homid should (+.1W).

Benjamin    4.7->5.0    2.5->2.5    0.6->1.2
     Valor in combat against minor Wyrm threats (+.2G), going through the battle completely uninjured (+.1 G), Healed non-packmate Garou unselfishly (+.1 W), Learned 4 Tribal Rites (+.4 W), Created a Talen (+.1 W).

Damien Eneas   2.8->2.8    2.7->2.7    5.1->5.2
Teaching rites to many Garou (+.1 W).

Dominic van Bokkelen     3.8->3.8     5.7->6.1     3.2->3.2     Moved to Inactive, I believe
Participating in a just challenge (+.2 H), overseeing just challenges (+.1 H), teaching rites (+.1 H)

Geraldo "Jerry" Castillo       5.0->5.0    1.5->1.5    2.0->2.1
Learning tales of the sept and sharing them with others (+.1 W)

Isabella "Mother Rat's Memory" Davis 2.8->3.1    0.6->0.7    1.9->2.1
Valor in combat against a minor threat of the Wyrm (+.2 G), Doing so essentially unharmed other than self-inflicted damage and doing it with style, that is, no lost challenges (+.1 G), protecting a helpless Garou (+.1 H), healing unselfishly outside her pack (+.1 W), Giving good advice to solve a problem with a Ghost (+.1 W)

Jack "Bears-The-Scars-Of-The-Stories-He-Tells" Harrison            7.7->8.1    2.9->3.1    4.0->4.2
     Valor in combat against a minor Wyrm threat (+.2 G), Leading a pack in doing so (+.1 G), Telling compelling stories with important lessons that move other Garou to heights of emotion (+.1 G, +.1 W), Good relations with kinfolk and returning them to health (+.2 H, +.1 W).

Johann Hromu                0.3->0.3    3.2->3.4    0.4->0.4
Participating in a just challenge for eldest Philodox (+.2 H)

Joshua Dreller             0.2->0.4    2.9->3.1    0.3->0.5
Defeating a minor Wyrm threat (+.2 G), healing non-packmate Garou unselfishly on a regular basis and without hesitation (+.2 W), participating in a just challenge for eldest Philodox (+.2 H)

Mick "Buries the Wyrm in Paperwork" LaSalle 1.6->1.6 2.4->2.5 4.4->4.6
Carrying out his auspicial duties well (+.1 W), carrying out role of Eldest Homid ably and well (+.1 H, +.1 W)

Morgan-for-now               0.3->0.7    0.1->0.1    3.1->3.3
Defeating a minor wyrm threat (+.2 G), Healing non-pack Garou unselfishly (+.1 W), Surviving an Incapacitating Wound (+.2 G), Persevering to learn even the hard painful truths of her past (+.1 W)

PEBE          13.3->13.3    6.9->7.0    5.6->5.6
      As Warder guarding the Caern day and night from all threats (+.1 H).

Shulamith "Jumping Mouse"         3.5->3.7    2.5->2.5    8.0->8.1
Defeating a minor Wyrm Threat (+.2 G), being a creepy cryptic stargazer with sage pronunciations that when puzzled out are pretty neat and have a kernel of wisdom (+.1 W)

Techu                    1.5->1.7    1.5->1.5    2.8->2.9
Defeating a minor Wyrm Threat (+.2 G), being a good Ragabash and keeping people on their toes (+.1 W)

Hidden Flame Members (if we're sending such things their way):
Defeating a minor Wyrm Threat: +.2 G

Khensu: Teaching rites and lore to tribemates (+.1 H)

Horus: Giving good advice (+.1 W)

Their leaders: Ending a threat without any Garou coming to serious harm - some were at incap, some raged back, but none truly died and none were scarred (+.2 W)
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Homid, Ahroun, Silent Strider, Fostern
Pure Breed (Silent Strider): 3
Tireless, Graceful
Magnetic, Charming
Vigilant, Intuitive
Fair Glabro
Owl Wings in the Umbra


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Re: Public Renown Reports (December-January)
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Hidden Flame:
Isabella "Mother Rat's Memory"
Shit guy, so there I was, ya know? Fighting some badass motherfuckers, aight? It was me, Jack, Morgan, Drueller, Benjamin, and a bunch of Hidden Flame guys, including their Alpha and that Darvya chick. And, shit son, here's the kicker. This was all going down in the Realm. Two days before my time under the High Ban was up. Well fuck. Here I am, little old Bella, stuck in motherfucking Homid Form against some scary-ass Formori. They gunned down a buncha people, including that Rhiannon chick and Morgan.
+.3 Glory - Ending an Average Wyrm Threat (Two rooms full of Formori (10 in total, I believe?) and fighting our way through a slough of Banes on our way in)
+.1 Glory - Threat was armed with silver (Silver Bullets, son!)
+.1 Glory - Permanently Ending the Threat (We killed all of those motherfucker's dead, including Jack and I finishing off a few of the ones that were just out cold. They ain't never comin' back)
+.1 Glory - Without being hurt in the process (Dude, guys never hit me once.)
+.2 Glory - General badassery from a Cliath Bone Gnawer (I never missed. Every spear I threw, some of them powered by gifts to make them hit even harder, flew true and hit an enemy. When all others were fighting in Crinos, I was fighting in Homid and still doing just as much damage as they were. I was personally chosen by a Fostern-in-challenge-for-Adren Get of Fenris (also the Warleader of our Sept) to walk beside him into Battle as his Beta. I went into battle literally perched on his shoulder firing weapons as the two of us worked like a well oiled machine, killing everything in our way.)
+.2 Wisdom - Keeping One's Promise (Dude. Bullets flying everywhere, everyone in Crinos but me? And here I am keeping my word, holding up my end of the bargain and the Ban I chose to uphold to make a point. Everyone's talkin' about veil breach this and veil breach that. When I give a word, I keep it.)
+.4 Honor - Protecting a Helpless Garou (Oh, and did I mention? Rhiannon BUSTS into the room without even pausing, right? Girl's got some balls, if you ask me. And all of these guys start filling her up with bullets. Like six or seven of them all at once, right? And there she goes, bam, to the ground. I thought she was dead. Like, even a Garou couldn't survive that, right? Nope, dude. Morgan runs over and heals her right up, so she gets back up. Well, then they KEEP shooting at her. And she goes down again. This time, I know better, so I run over to her and stand over her to protect her, making sure that nobody else could get at her. I gotta, ya know? And I stand over her, firing off spears at the things that are attacking Morgan until they start falling, and finally, when all that rage I'd been channelling had been turned into spears and knives stickin' out of the bad guys back, I had my healing talen out and ready to go. Darvya showed up right after with those Bloody Bandage things, and we got her back up on her feet. But when she was unconscious and on death's door, I was the one standing over her and protecting her.)
+.1 Honor, +.1 Wisdom - Being chosen, as a Cliath Galliard of another Sept, to lead an important Rite when others, of higher rank and station, know it and are capable of performing it. It's an honor.
+.2 Wisdom - So that Longest Night pack has got some haunted guy in it. And their local Haunted Guy expert was saying that there was no other way to get the Haunted Guy's mom to move on than killing him. I was pretty sure this sounded bogus, there's always another way, so I went and did some investigation and questioning. Trashheap sent me a vision that proved her wrong and showed another path to saving Haunted Guy.
TOTAL: +.8G (Damn, those 1s add up), +.5W, +.5H

Jack Harrison:
+.3 Glory - Ending an Average Wyrm Threat (Two rooms full of Formori (10 in total, I believe?) and fighting our way through a slough of Banes on our way in)
+.1 Glory - Threat was armed with silver (Silver Bullets, son!)
+.1 Glory - Permanently Ending the Threat (We killed all of those motherfucker's dead, including Jack and I finishing off a few of the ones that were just out cold. They ain't never comin' back)
+.1 Glory - Without being injured in the process (Dude, you have no idea. It wasn't even like they weren't hitting him, 'cause they were. Shit was just LEGITIMATELY bouncing off of this guy. Weapons, bullets, you name it. Ping. Ping. Ping. He's like, the Bulletproof Man or some shit. It was pretty damn impressive.)
+.1 Glory - General Badassery (Being chosen to lead the visitors by the Beta Warleader of the Sept of the Hidden Flame. Cutting his way through swaths of banes. Slaying Foe after Foe after Foe. Jack was damn sexy in this fight. And by sexy I mean badass. ((Bella immediately dodges an incoming fists that may come her way after this. It is clearly obvious, however, that she's joking.)))
Total: +.7G

Morgan/Masha/Maria/Whatever she's calling herself these days:
+.3 Glory - Ending an Average Wyrm Threat (Two rooms full of Formori (10 in total, I believe?) and fighting our way through a slough of Banes on our way in)
+.1 Glory - Threat was armed with silver (Silver Bullets, son!)
+.1 Glory - Permanently Ending the Threat (We killed all of those motherfucker's dead, including Jack and I finishing off a few of the ones that were just out cold. They ain't never comin' back)
+.2 Glory - Surviving an Incapacitating Wound (Girl got gunned down by some badass Motherfucker's, right? And then what does she do? She rages back into this badass Warform of hers - I don't think I've ever seen that chick in Crinos - and starts tearing them to pieces. For all that she whined about it later, whining to everyone who would listen to try and get her Scar fixed, she did get back up)
-.1 Glory - I don't know. I don't think it looks good on a Garou, especially a Silver Fang, to whine and pout and literally beg anyone who would listen to try and heal a Battlescar of all things. Battlescars are all badass and shit, right? I don't know. Don't get me wrong, Morgan's cool, just seemed kind of childish.
+.2 Wisdom - Healing Someone Not of Your Pack Unselfishly (She healed Rhiannon though)
TOTAL: +.6G, +.2W

Josh Drueller:
+.3 Glory - Ending an Average Wyrm Threat (Two rooms full of Formori (10 in total, I believe?) and fighting our way through a slough of Banes on our way in)
+.1 Glory - Threat was armed with silver (Silver Bullets, son!)
+.1 Glory - Permanently Ending the Threat (We killed all of those motherfucker's dead, including Jack and I finishing off a few of the ones that were just out cold. They ain't never comin' back)

Rage Across the Cape:
Isabella "Mother Rat's Memory"
+.5 Honor - Choosing to Uphold the High Ban as a Homid (page 54, Bone Gnawer Tribe Book) - Everyone talks about all the Veil Breaches they seen and all the times people fuck up and this and that. I got people breathin' down my neck about it 'cuz I'm in tight with a bunch of humans, yeah? Well, time to prove a point. I announced, at the Moot like I'm all supposed to and shit, that I'm going to uphold the High ban. And anyone that thinks this ain't easy can take it up with Momma Rat and the Rat God, 'cuz they seem to think it ain't. (Nevermind how it factors into Formori shooting at you with guns when everyone else is in Crinos, just sayin').
+.1 Glory, +.1 Wisdom - Dude, I don't know about the rest of you, but a famous Athro Get of Fenris tried to murder me, and I managed to escape with my life. People want to say that me leaving the Moot threatened to break it, and that's all well and good, but I can tell you right now that Vihtori Takala killing me would have done a lot more damage towards breaking it then me leaving it. And yeah, I know that for a fact because I know how the Moot Rite works. Also, a visitor murdering a member of the Sept in the middle of that Sept's Moot could very well have sparked an inter-Sept war or something. People who keep telling the tale of me willingly leaving the Moot seem to keep missing the bit about the fact that when they say 'leaving' they mean 'avoiding the blows of a Fetish ax to the face'.
+.1 Glory - I told a story at a Moot.
+.1 Honor - I served this Sept loyally for months before I finally joined it - which, by the way, I have.
+.2 Honor - The Cavalry called me up and told me that Benjamin needed a place where he wouldn't get found. I offered my box. He took me up on it and I used the rites of my tribe to protect him.
+.8H, +.2 G, +.1W

Jerry Castillo:
+.5 Glory, +.5 Wisdom, +.5 Honor - This guy is one of the best damn Galliards I have ever seen. Not only does he constantly tell Stories, both in a moot and outside of it, they're relevant to the situation at hand and used to tell a story. He's got passion in his throat and is willing to teach anyone who asks. He's a good Talesinger, good Master of the Howl, good Galliard, good everything (except maybe Bone Gnawer, but, really, who wants to be a good one of those (also, we're working on it)) Why the fuck isn't he Fostern yet? Has he seriously NOT proven himself?

+2 Honor - This guy manages to lead without being a total douche. Good on him. He's efficient while still Respecting Those beneath him. Props, dude.

Jack Harrison:
+.2 Glory, +.1 Honor, +.2 Wisdom - Okay, so I had my doubts about this guy. Yeah, sure, he could fight. We knew that. But could he lead? I mean, Warleader's about more than just kicking ass and taking names, and to be perfectly honest, the assault on Fall River was stupid as fuck. But he's really stepped up to the plate and proven he's got his shit together. I'd follow this guy into hell. Fuck, I almost did. He proved he could fight against Walks. He proved he could plan, and he proved he could think tactically and not let his own issues get in the way of his planning.

+.2 Glory - Participating in an honorable challenge - Techu challenged my brother for Beta and won. Props. Kid's got balls if nothing else.
+.1 Wisdom, +.1 Honor - Teaching and giving good advice - Never lead me wrong as beta, or even before that. He's done lots of honorable and wise things, keeping me out of trouble and teaching me shit like rites and his own knowledge.
TOTAL: +.2 Glory, +.1 Wsidom, +.1 Honor

-.2W, -.2H - Acting outside his Auspical Duty - Don't get me wrong. I like Pebe. He's a good Warder, a good guy, and a good Ahroun. But that Master of the Challenge has got him half thinking he's a Philodox, to the point where he's ordering the whole Philodox Council how to do it's job and saying when and how people'll be punished. That's not cool. He's too busy thinking Father knows best, yeah? It's like he's gotten his self worth all inflated and forgot that he shits and bleeds like the rest of us. He still ain't a bad guy. Just needs to work on coming back down to Earth.