Author Topic: Public Renown Reports (September-October/October-November/November-December)  (Read 1712 times)

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This thread is for the posting of Public Renown Reports for the September-October AND October-November downtime cycle.

Note: If backdated items are submitted, please be sure to indicate that they are backdated to September-October, to help the staff (and your fellow players) differentiate them from the current month's items.

Please do: Be as descriptive as possible.  Renown is a direct reflection/result of the tales told in the nation.  This is a very public thing, hence this public forum in which to post reports.

Please don't: Engage in additional IC (or OOC) conversations within this thread.  If another character is saying things about you that you do not like, start a thread somewhere appropriate and take it up with them IC ("so I hear you've been saying stuff about me...")  This thread is not the place to do that!

"The Rules" for this thread:

[-1-] Ahroun, Philodox and Theurge may post one item of particular note to the public report.

[-2-] Galliards and Ragabash may post two items to the public report.  Those holding the position of eldest Galliard or Ragabash may post up to three items.

[-3-] All other items of Renown worthiness may be submitted via Private Message as normal.

Anyone not comfortable with the public thread may forgo it altogether and submit only a private report (via your downtime sheet).  Just remember, items appearing in the public reports will be given more weight than the privately submitted items.  Renown is a very public thing!
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Re: Public Renown Reports (September-October/October-November)
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 03:17:23 PM »
This is in regards to the November game,

Duke's use of the 8 ball bomb was both wise and glorious doing damage over an area of the creature. Lynne's successful use of curse of hatred on the creature was simply epic as she drew its attention to her alone and survived its blast charm.

5 striders in one place when a demon shows up......damn striders

After the fight with demon johann frog pack honorably helped cleanse the corrupt as much as possible with rite of cleansing and frog.  This is in addition to aiding the clean up efforts at the site of the cat bane's destruction.

The metis and the gnawer do their thing they aren't flashy but they are both reliable and necessary.
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Re: Public Renown Reports (September-October/October-November)
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2011, 01:33:32 AM »
(For November Game)

Yo, I don't know what it was that Lynne Lucas did to that big-ass cat Bane, but it musta been seriously nasty, 'cause that mother straight-up flipped out on her when it was done.  It didn't just hurt it, it looked like it...charged it down, somehow.  Or something.  It even blasted her through a wall and she refused to go down for the count.  Major props to her for seriously Glorious and Wise battle tactics.

Alexander just let that new Silver Fang Julian lay on his belly for like half an hour without saying a thing.  I thought he just enjoyed watching the new guy suffer, but when I called him on it he explained that he wanted Julian to learn that he could stand up without being told.  Then, miracle of miracles, the dude finds his spine and stands up.  That was actually pretty Wise of Alexander.  I guess.
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Re: Public Renown Reports (September-October/October-November)
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2011, 01:37:06 AM »
( for Nov game)

Jerry was one glorious Garou against the giant cat demon there.  He jumped on it all Legolas like and stabbed it in the head and everything.  It was seriously kick-ass looking and totally glorious.
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