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Searchable House Rules
« on: April 10, 2014, 05:42:25 PM »
Effective this afternoon, By-Laws, Character Creation & Development info, and House Rules have been migrated off of the "website" portion of, into the newly created House Rules & Rules Discussions forum, where they are now searchable via the forums search bar.  Additionally, this new forum may be viewed by visitors who do not have a forum account, or anyone not otherwise logged-in.  In order to post a question, however, a user must be logged-in with a forum account.

Moving forward, each time a particular rule is added or significantly changed, a staff member will publish a post in House Rules & Rules Discussions outlining the rule, it's implications, and reason(s), if applicable.  Upon publication, the rule or change will be also be added to the appropriate sticky post - By-Laws, Character Creation, Character Progression, or general House Rules - at the top of the House Rules & Rules Discussions forum.  Original postings will always remain for reference purposes.

In the event you would like to ask a question or spur discussion of a rule, please begin a post in the Rules Discussions sub-forum, which has been relocated to the new House Rules & Rules Discussions forum from OOC Discussion.

Also, please understand that the information contained in these new postings, was migrated as-is from the website.  All of our rules are currently under staff review and are subject to change significantly in the near future.  This change is a result of what has worked well in our past, and also considers player feedback on rule search-ability, consistency and transparency from our 2013 player survey.
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