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Nonklave 2014: Aug. 29 - Sept. 1
« on: May 11, 2014, 11:46:21 AM »
(( NOTE:  The staff will post an "attention thread" in the RAtC Only forum section as the event draws closer, for players to discuss and announce their intent to attend, for sheet-sending purposes. ))

To the Nation,

Tradition is what we as a nation thrive on. It is tradition of great gatherings in which the Galliards get together to tell their tales and if needed the Ragabash provide morals to those stories,  Philodox weigh judgement, Theurges call upon the Spirits for their guidance, and Ahroun fight their battles in which their glories are told to the Galliards, thus the cycle repeats

Traditionally the Sept of Gaia's Blessing has been the host of the gathering of the honoring of scarecrow, and Signe Rhya has been a great host in all of those years. However, the reigns have been passed.

I shall be continuing up her tradition, but will be honoring Granite instead of Scarecrow. As we must follow his example and endure all the test of this world for the duty given to us by Gaia. I have spoken to my Sept Totem Granite,  the path stones will be created and a celebration will take place.
We will feast, celebrate, and have a great time.

There will be a grand moot. Which is one of things my Sept is famous  for.  Since the moot will be big, I am looking for individuals to fill certain moot roles. So if you feel you have what it takes, drop me a line, and we can discuss a potential position for you.

The events of the weekend are not all fun and games though. It has recently been discovered that the banishment of Red Jack was just a cornerstone to something bigger.  Something else has been released into this world by the Wrym.  Five entities who once possessed mortals now roam the realms.  They are set to release a greater threat that will effect us all, the Lupus will be the first to feel its wrath.  It is said that the last time this creature came about was during the Black Death.
The Wyrm is using Ley lines, and use the corpses of defiled Lupus to unleash something into this world.  Their eyes are one of the main ingredients.  Since we see into both worlds.  The eyes help with the connection to the vile plane of this being and our own.  Each smaller rite performed weakens the chains binding it.
The ritual would soon destroy all Garou existence if not stopped. The creature will spread a plague that will destroy the wolf inside us all. Making us weaker and losing our connection with Gaia.  The last time this was almost completed was in eastern Europe during the second war.  
These Wyrm creatures are using a corporation called Kyle and Kyle to fund build and create fomori. They are creating fomori to reincarnate the scientist Mengele and his group of researchers. Which are out to destroy the Wylde. They are also creating Fomori to give Mengele and his researchers proper and powerful connections to this world once more.  If they are left to succeed in their plans. They will destroy our wolf and will tip the scales in the Wyrm's favor.

One of the ways we have found is to destroy at least one of the five daggers created for Mengele and his team of researchers. However, they are in possession of them, and are pursuing the locations to perform their awakenings.
I am confident that if we come together as one to destroy this thing, then victory will be ours, and
the nation and Gaia will be saved

Tyler "Two Rules to Scouting" Brown
Alpha of the Sept of the Veiled Valley
Knight in service to House Wyrmfoe
Silver Fang

This is the official announcement of Nonklave.  Aug29-Sept 1,  2014.

This will be the first time that Martinsburg by Night will be hosting, and we are looking forward to an amazing time. There are a lot of things to happen on the agenda. The moot will be held on Saturday noonish, and since there is a kitchen, and the vampires don't wake until the evening, I am encouraging whoever is coming to bring a covered dish.

I am planning on doing a meal that is something special ( not a cookie sheet of fish sticks), so if you are planning on going, I need an accurate head count. Even if you have dietary restrictions.

"When bad things happen,
 I know you want to believe they are a joke,
 but sometimes life is scary and dark.
 That is why we must find the light" BMO