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(More) Game Changes and Other Announcements
« on: October 26, 2014, 09:12:05 AM »
Hey guys!

For those of you who were not at game yesterday (or were at game but want a recap), some changes for RAtC are in the offing. Namely:

Staff Changes: Due to the unexpected opportunity to continue his education through work and the increased workload from that, Mike will be phasing out as HST over the next few months. He will remain on the ST Staff and will continue to run the plots he began as HST, as well as occasional new plots as time allows. Additionally, Joe is taking a sabbatical from his Staff role for a while.

Given this, we will be choosing a new HST in the near future. Marc and Andrew have both expressed their desire to not be HST, which essentially leaves Conor and myself as viable choices. This brings me to my next point.

Player Input: We had a really productive conversation last night after game wrap about potential ways to improve everyone's game experience, and foremost among those was getting more feedback from you, the players. To that end, expect to see some surveys popping up in the near future, primarily:
     -Who Do You Want Plot From: We'll likely be instituting a survey in the near future allowing all players to vote on who in RAtC they'd be interested in seeing some story and plot from. This will serve not only to help us choose an HST, but also to let players who might not have considered joining Staff see whether others think they'd do a good job as a more active contributor to the game's plot. As currently considered, this poll would allow each person to vote up any active player(s) or Staff member(s) in RAtC. This poll will not be in any way binding, but it will help us in identifying who might be good people to reach out to in bolstering our available narrative resources. If you're positive that you do not under any circumstances wish to be a Staff person or write plot and wouldn't touch those responsibilities with a 10-foot pole, let us know and we can leave you off the poll. Likewise, if you already think you'd like to be more involved with RAtC and are interested in joining Staff, let us know.
     -Genre Survey: We'd like to develop a survey for everyone to fill out in their character area with the goal of letting player preferences shape what sort of experience we deliver and what plots are developed for what characters. Questions like "On a scale of 1-10, how dark do you like your World of Darkness?" and "Do you prefer to work through riddles and puzzles or just throw an Enigmas chop at it?" and that sort of thing. This will probably take a little while to put together.

Improved Production Values: One of the ideas mentioned yesterday that seemed to have a lot of support was allowing players to contribute time, materials, and/or money to improving the game's production values in exchange for XP. That way, you can actually get a prop for your creepy tome of Wyrm Lore that you find in the sorcerer's library, and when you find a grisly murder scene, you might actually have a prop body to investigate. This is already commonly done in many campaign boffer LARPs and seems to work well. XP rewards would probably be relatively modest and would not be able to exceed monthly caps as mandated by Org policy, but they could be "rolled over" to make up for not being able to attend a given game or whatnot. This is something we'd love player feedback on.

As we figure out the new Staff structure, there may be other changes that we consider (such as bringing back game RSVPs to help us plan), so keep an eye on this space and, as always, post your feedback or questions.
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Thirty minutes or it's free? EXCELLENT!
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Re: (More) Game Changes and Other Announcements
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2014, 07:15:36 PM »
Please note that the "Who Do You Want Plot From?" Survey has been posted in the RAtC Players Only area.  Please take a moment to cast your ballot.
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