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Gifts - Perception of Gift Use
« on: April 15, 2014, 04:56:56 PM »
Updated 4-15-14:

Perception of Gift Use: When one character uses a Gift against another, the target does not automatically know that a Gift has been used against her.  If your character does not have the Awareness Ability, then there is no chance for her to know.  Such Gifts as Sense Magic may detect the use of a Gift by another, though an In-Character reason must exist to justify checking for magic usage.  You must have the level of Awareness to match the gift's user's rank modifier.  One dot of Awareness for Cliath Gifts, two for Fostern Gifts, three for Adren, four for Athro, five for Elder, and so on.  Example if a cliath uses persuasion on a garou with 1 dot he gets a chance to know.  If a athro uses invisibility a garou must have 4 dots to get a chance to know.