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More Fictional Stories
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Fighting Back

And o-oh darkness, I feel like letting go
All of the strength, and all of the courage
come and lift me from this place.
I know I can love you much better than this.
Full of Grace, my love. Full of Grace
// Sarah Mclachlan

She hurt.

That was what Arianna was most aware of. The fact that the tangible darkness encircling her burned like acid. She could feel the fire in the shackles around her wrists and ankles, shackles that didn’t exist. None of this was real and yet all of it was. Painfully real.

She had long since run out of tears. Months, years ago. Time had no place here. There was no moon or sun. She would have cried out in joy to see Helios or Luna chase each other across the horizon. Instead there was a blanket of cold, burning darkness that trapped her, held her, suffocated her.

She had fought. She was fighting. She had been fighting since the moment she had slipped beneath the ground, feeling the hands pull at her ankles, ripping her through the Earth and into its clutches, scattering her spirit and capturing her.

And she was so tired. How long had she been fighting? Centuries? Millenia? She couldn’t tell. Her reasons for staying strong were growing more and more dim with every passing instant.

Patrick… A weak voice inside of her struggled.

“He’s gone… Left you to me, little one. He saw you sink into the ground and turned away. Forget him and his lies. He is but a Glasswalker, made only of steel and iron. He has no feelings for you. He has already forgotten you.” It was the kind gentle voice that brought comfort to her ears. She had fought the voice but she could barely remember why now. It seemed so silly. The more she listened… the less she hurt.

DANIEL! Remember? He gave me hope!

“A wendigo… Do you think he could ever truly care for you? He hates you for your skin color. Never forget it. He was forgotten you.”

No! It’s not true… Is it? No. The cubs. The cubs!

“Are better off without you. You babied them. Now they are lead by a strong hand and they will do well. They have already forgotten you in their fervent worship of their new teacher.

Dimitri then! He needs me! Without me he…

“Without you around he is healthier, stronger. They accept him now. He has left you behind for his new conscience. You were no longer necessary, so in true Shadow Lord fashion… you were left.”

The voice in her mind grew weaker as the voice in her ears grew stronger. She felt a wave of desperation as her inner voice struggled to fight back, to gain some ground.

Alice! She wouldn’t! She…

“Do I even need to interject on this one? She never loved you. It was merely blind devotion on your part. She loves her pack and nothing else… remember? She told you as much when she pushed you away when you need her most. She has forgotten you. In fact, she never saw you in the first place.”

It made so much sense. Why bother fighting? The more she let the voice win the less she burned. She could feel the void around her leaking into her as she let it win. It wasn’t so bad. She felt more peaceful, more relaxed. The blackness entered her veins and she just felt tired, like she was ready to go to sleep.

One last ditch effort.

Garret! He hasn’t forgotten me! I know he hasn’t! He loved me! I know it! I know it!

There was a pause and then the voice came, gentle and soothing.

“Don’t you remember, little one? You killed him.”

No I didn’t…… Did I?

“Yes. You did.”

I don’t believe you…

“Here… let me show you.”

And thus the images flashed in her mind as she raged into Crinos and turned on her packmate, her brother, her other half. Her claws ripped into fur, flesh, and muscle, down to the bone. Her fangs cracked his spine and she tasted his essence, hot and fresh as it entered her mouth. She felt his life force drain and raised her bloodied muzzle to the sky in a triumphant howl.

Oh… I did kill him?

She remembered now. Oh yes. It was much clearer. The voice inside of her died and she merely let her eyes lull closed. The burning had stopped now and she could feel the darkness around her tightening its hold.

“Are you ready to stop fighting me now?”

Yes. I am very tired. May I sleep?

“Of course. Just close your eyes and open your heart to me and you can sleep for as long as you want.”

Hm… I’m not sure how.

She was so very tired. She tried to remember how to open her heart. She knew that she had known how to once upon a time… but the blackness made everything fuzzy and she had a hard time remembering.

“Just admit you are alone. That you have nothing holding you back and that you are mine.”

I am al-

And then the blinding flash of light came and Arianna Fireau screamed in pain. She felt the black ink in her veins burned away from her heart and finally out of her system. With the newly found light she could see the creature with its talons in her, siphoning her life force away. It screeched, an unholy thing that raked at her ears. She cried out in pain, curling up into a ball and realizing numbly the sound had come from her lips. That she had made that horrible sound. That it had screamed through her.

“But she isn’t alone.” The bringer-of-light said in a passionate firy voice that seemed to fill up the void left within her.

Arianna’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness but she turned over on her side to look at the woman, squinting to do so. The woman stood tall, impossibly tall. She looks beautiful, regal, and yet somehow ancient, ageless, as if centuries could pass and she would still stand just as she does now, as she had stood for all time. She had flowing black hair down to her back, dressed in a Celtic robe. Fire encircled the woman in a halo of light… but it did not scare Arianna, no it merely warmed her. She carried no weapons but did not seem afraid.

“Danu?” She asked weakly. Her voice sounded odd and distant, as if someone else was saying it.

“Sh, dear one.” The woman murmured, kneeling beside her and moving her hands towards the wound the creature had made.

It hissed and Arianna turned her head to stare at it.

Juxtaposed across from her was a being made of up of only two colors, red and black. A mixture of ash and blood it hated the woman. It’s talons tripped scarlet with Arianna’s blood and it hissed in rage.

“Leave this place! She is mine!” The creature snarled, although it did not approach the woman.

“I claimed her long before you dragged her beneath the Earth, abomination.” Anger poured from Danu as she stood and stared deep into the monster’s red eyes.

“And yet here she is… In my place. And she is broken.” It grinned and the look made Arianna sick to her stomach. It narrowed its eyes and against her will she screamed in pain, curling into a tighter ball and clutching herself. She wasn’t sure what it was that hurt… she just knew that it did.

“Because you stole her!” Tears ran down Danu’s face and she stepped protectively over the young girl. “You tore open Gaia and dragged her down to the depths just as we struck our victory blow! She is mine!” She nearly screamed the last words in fury.

“I broke her. Your claim is lost!” It laughed, the sound of hundred of insect legs running over stone. Arianna screamed in pain again and she was crying uncontrollably. Confused. Lost.

“No. Her heart is true, untouched by your darkness. If it was not…” She suddenly turned her eyes to the writhing girl and fell to her knees, placing both of her pristine hands on the pained child. The spasms stopped and Arianna lay very still, breathing heavily and crying.

Everything felt cool. Not cold, cool, as if she had been submerged into a stream somewhere in the heart of the forest.

 Danu did not remove her hands but raised her eyes. “Then my touch would not ease her pain, instead torment her further. She is still my child.” Triumph caused her flames to burn brighter, pushing back the dark beast.

It hissed in rage.

“Begone She-witch! You hold no power here! Stay and you will fade to nothing and I will consume you!” It howled, hissing and snarling.

Arianna could feel red eyes on her, hundred of sets of red eyes. She whimpered but could not make herself move.

“And that… is where you are wrong.” Danu gazed lovingly down at Arianna for a moment before closing her eyes.

And then the room was flooded with her fire.

The monster screamed in pain and surprise. Arianna was still tied to it and she felt it waver in the force of such passion. Should it stay, it would be defeated. So… it ran to a darker depth, waiting silently, hatefully, blinded, waiting to heal so it could return.

But where the fire hurt the beast it healed her. The young girl sat straight upright, twisting her arms in their invisble shackles.

“Danu! Danu! Bring me home!” She cried, weeping. “Please! Please! Don’t leave me here! He stole me!” Her voice was pleading and her breaths labored as she begged.

“I am so sorry, Dear One, but I can’t. That isn’t within my power.” The firey woman shone much less brightly now, and her voice was much more tired. “He was right. I cannot remain here much longer. But you must remember why you must fight. That there are those above who need you and love you. Please, for them, for me. Fight him. Fight him until you can free yourself.” She knelt beside Arianna, taking the young girl’s face in her weathered hands. “Do you understand? Fight, my daughter!”

“But how? For what? I’m alone and I’m scared!” She clutched to the burning woman, burying her face in the Celtic robe.

“You are not alone. Many hold you in their hearts above us. And one thinks of you constantly. You burn in his mind night and day. You consume his whole being and he will not rests until you are beside him again.” Her voice was rushed but passionate. “You know of whom I speak… Arianna.” It was the first time she had spoken the girl’s name and she lowered her voice to a whisper.

“He said he was dead. He said I killed him.” Frantic cries clutched at her throat and she barely managed to squeak out her thought. “Danu, I killed him!” She sobbed and tightened her hold on the fabric.

“No, dear one. He is alive and well. The Dark Beast lied to you, showed you images he knew would make you give up, give into his will. Feel for him, for your connection. He is there… Look!” Danu insisted.

And almost against her will the Theurge did. She reached into the deepest parts of herself, the parts still whole and pure. And there he was, like the bat of butterflies wing against her cheek he called her name. It sounded a million miles away.

“He’s okay?!” She almost couldn’t believe it but she cried for relief. “They’re all okay?”

“Yes, my dear. And they are all looking for you. And they will find you and piece you back together and retrieve your heart from the Corrupter. But you must remain strong until they do so, do you understand? Fight him with everything you have. Fight to keep ahold of yourself just as your brother fights to find you, to rescue you. Fight. Fight!”

Arianna nodded desperately, clutching harder as she felt the cloth grow thinner, less real under her fingers.

“Don’t leave me!” She whimpered, remembering the burning cold. “He’ll come back! He’ll come back again!” Fear claimed her and she tried to hold the fading Goddess closer.

“I cannot stop him. Not here.” She whispered, wrapping her arms around Arianna and holding her close. “That is why you must be strong. But I’ll give you a gift. Something to cling to. I can only give it once and only now… so you must treasure it and hold to it. I cannot bring you more and if he takes them from you, I cannot replace them. So cling to them, Spirit-Encoder. Cling to them with every ounce of your being. And fight… for them.”

“I will! I will!” She promised, crying and feeling Danu slip away from her.

Just before the aspect of the Earth Mother had faded entirely, Arianna Fireau felt a gentle kiss upon the top of her head. And with that kiss, the moment of innocent intimacy… a rush of images flooded her.

Silver fields in the moon at its zenith, running through milkweed that dots the fields like the stars do the sky.  Two wolves running, panting, out of breath, raising their howls to Luna and Gaia.  Ringing out, silencing the midnight birds and frogs for a perfect moment.  Down, down through the earth-
A dream-
With arms open-
Where are you deirfiúr?

..."I learned a new gift..." I smile mischievously before tickling your arm pits and neck, laughing while you squirm.  It was tha' moment, I thought of you as pack, on the island, in the sand an' wind.  It was then the real bond was forged between us, in a fit of tickles an' yelps... down into the earth the dream fades like the stars in the morning light...

He imagines the green fields by free town where the two hunted, and the beautiful Gates of Arcadia as Danu presented herself.  He imagines these beautiful things, even the majestic CRAUG! with his one injured eye... these things he sends out through dream, hoping they reach her- so that wherever she is, she sleeps soundly, just this once.  He feels them go down through the earth, and then fade- like a dying echo, unsure if it was heard.

“Sleep my child. Sleep until he returns and sleep well and good. Hold to these dreams, these memories. He cannot take them from you if you hold onto them.”

Only the woman’s voice was left but Arianna nodded. She closed her eyes tight, clenched her fist around the shark-tooth necklace she wore, a tactile proof off hope, and clung to her packmate’s dreams.

It would hurt. It would be torture. It might kill her.

But she was going to fight.

She had no other choice.
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d'awe... Maybe if we're lucky the dreams ARE reaching you.  :-p