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September 2008 Event Game Album
« on: September 16, 2008, 05:14:27 PM »
I hope to be photographing more in the future so I'm going to date this. ^_^

From the 9/13 Event Game:

Ari studies diligently before the Caerne building, preparing herself mentally.

Close-up mostly for the effect of the book.

"Okay... so I made it... But what does it do?"

As close to smiling as Wendigo ever get?

Beta Rites Mast- Mistress.

A warrior is only as good as his weapons.
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Re: Album
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"Wa's tha' flashy picture box thing there?"

Gaia's Edge

My question is... What is Marc doing in the background?

I love my game <3 And the fact that Don Tony looks possessed.

The Rites Mistress begins the ritual while the War Leader barks commands in the background. (love this picture)

The Fenrir take position

Gnawer SMASH!

Wendigo and Fianna... UNITE!

See how much joy our HST takes from describing, with gestures, just how screwed we are? (please not the book in his right hand ^_^)

Calvin Yellowhair, Alpha of the Sept of Vigilan Light

Hannah Monta- I mean Soothing Rain

Tırhialm doing what they do best.
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Re: Album
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....*snerks*  "I made it, but what does it do?"

ah, SM, even in my head, amuses me.  be afraid.  he's seen dr. horrible, and they are mating in my head.  the result may be good or bad, but it will be humorous, either way...
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