Author Topic: Maybe Garret ended up here- who knows!  (Read 750 times)

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Maybe Garret ended up here- who knows!
« on: February 13, 2009, 03:30:17 PM »
"SCHRRRREEEEEECH!!!-THUD-"  Arianna slammed on the brakes as hard as she could in the rainy California night, her white knuckles clenched upon the steering wheel.  She sat there breathing heavily for a moment, her mind retracing the just made memories.

There was the highway.  She was headed back to her hotel suite, and the rain fell in sheets.  Her headlights barely could pierce through the weather, but she saw the deer crossing sign, glinting in the dark night.  When she looked away from it, there was man who walked into her lane.  His head was down and-  OH GOD I JUST HIT SOMEONE!

The thought came like a violent splash of ice water jolting her to action.  She quickly called upon Gaia to make her more persuasive without tapping the gnostic energies the swirled within her.  Every bit helps, after all, when you've just run over a man.   Perhaps he was not dead!  She could heal him, but keep him unconscious, and get him to a hospital.  Her heels clicked crisply against the wet pavement, as she began to  approach the hood of her car.  Blood flowed away freely, carried by the rain.  "Sir?  Are you ok?" she asked stupidly, not knowing what else to say to someone who you might have just killed.  But then, shockingly, there was an answer.

"Ugh-  I'm finef!" came a panicked yet familiar voice.  Garret sat, shocked.  "I KNEW THEY WERE OUT TO GET ME!  CAR MONSTER!" he thought.  He felt around his face, and his nose which was practically inside out.  His other hand struggled to find the treacherous stone on a string which led him here.  His leg was contorted out of place and one of his ribs jutted painfully out of his wet tee shirt.  All of these wounds were rapidly healing, and THAT looked very veil breaching.  He tried to think quick. 

He called upon Gaia to make his voice more persuasive without tapping the gnostic energies that swirled within him, having no idea how to explain his condition.

Garret kept his hands over the bottom of his face, and hoisted himself up to his feet with a disgusting crack.  "My leg didn't look THAT broken.  Lots of people must've been born with backwards legs." he thought desperately as his body sucked in his rib.  "Maybe she didn't see that..." he hoped against hope.  "I- uh sorr-" he looked up at the woman and their eyes met, both equally astonished.

"Garret?" she asked, recognizing his green eyes and that scar anywhere, a bunch of confused emotions washing over her, as well as questions.

"Yef!  Ardi!"  He held out his hands in a big gaping hug, and Ari did the same ready to rush in, until she noticed his jaw hung by a piece of sinew, and his tongue lolled around.

"GAH!" she was surprised to see his ghastly face.  "Just let me..." her hands glowed softly, as Garret's wounds nit up in an instant.

"Than-oof!"  Ari's arms wrapped around Garret tightly as he was thanking her.  She squeezed so hard, he was sure he'd need healing again, but tried to hug her back.  Once they embraced Garret held up the small beach stone, tied clumsily around the string that had led him all this way.

Ari gave him a warm smile.  "Can't wait to hear this story." she quipped.  "Get in the car, lets get out of the rain."

"Buh its tryin' to kill me..." he whispered, eying the automobile suspiciously, growling.  Somethings never changed, no matter where you went.

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Re: Maybe Garret ended up here- who knows!
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