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House Rules and Character Creation Information
The Rage Across the Cape House Rules, and guidelines for Character Creation and Progression are located on our forums.  Please note that a forums account is required only if you wish to ask a question in the Rules Discussion forums.

Character Creation
Character Progression
House Rules

Current Lunar Phase
Keep in mind when posting on the forums, that the "current" lunar phase on the date of your post, may not be the current lunar phase as of the date the scene actually began and is taking place.

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New Moon/No Moon: Ragabash (Trickster)

Crescent Moon: Theurge (Seer)

Half Moon: Philodox (Judge)

Gibbous Moon: Galliard (Moon Dancer)

Full Moon: Ahroun (Warrior)

New England Area Games and Events
The following are the New England area games and events which may be of particular interest to our players.  Although we specifically schedule opposite our closest Garou neighbor, Hidden Flame, we are unable to schedule around all of the games below.  Please see the respective games' websites for more information.

  • Arisia (
    Arisia is a science fiction convention in Cambridge, MA.  Please visit the Arisia website for more information.
  • Beltane (
    The Beltane Event is a OWbN event hosted by Hidden Flame.  Beltane is typically held over Memorial Day weekend.
  • Brandeis Festival of the LARPs (
    A LARP event hosted by roleplayers from Brandeis University.  The event takes place on the Brandeis campus in Waltham, MA.  Please visit the Brandeis Larp website for more information.
  • Hidden Flame (
    Hidden Flame is a OWbN Garou LARP and is one of Rage Across the Cape's closest OWbN Garou Chronicle neighbors.  Hidden Flame typically meets every other Saturday, twice per month, alternating between Willimantic, CT and Warwick, RI.  Game locations may vary.  The game has an in-character location of Providence RI.  Please visit the Hidden Flame website/forums for more information.
  • Intercon (
    Intercon is a multi-genre LARP convention held in Waltham, MA.  Please visit the Intercon website for more information.
  • Midwinter (
    The Midwinter Event is a OWbN event.  Midwinter is typically held in January.
  • Mythical Journeys (
    Mythical Journeys is a renaissance/magics themed LARP based in Pomfret, CT.  Please visit the Mythical Journeys Renaissance Website for more information.
  • Rage Across the Cape (
    Rage Across the Cape is a OWbN Werewolf LARP that typically meets monthly, approximately every four weeks.
  • Tides of Power (
    Tides of Power is a OWbN Mage LARP, and is a satellite game of Hidden Flame. Tides of Power typically meets monthly on Sunday in Willimantic, CT.  The game has an in-character location of Providence RI.  Please visit the Tides of Power website/forums for more information.

OWbN Changing Breeds Coordinator Team:

The Changing Breeds Coordinator for the 2016-2017 term is Curt Goble.  Curt may be reached at  Additionally, a listing of Curt's Sub-coordinators may be found on the One World by Night website.

Tribal Lists for Garou-OWbN:
In-Character email lists have been created to better facilitate inter-chronicle interaction.  To sign up for the lists appropriate to your character, please complete this form.  Once complete, the Changing Breeds List Moderator Team will verify your information with the RAtC Staff and add you to the appropriate breed, tribe, and auspice In-Character lists.

Membership in the Changing Breeds Out-of-Character list is open.  You may join the list by requesting so here.

Social Media Groups:
Several social media groups exist, mostly on Facebook.  Some of the more popular, current groups are listed below:

Tribal and Genre Packets:
Resources exist for players, in the form of non-binding "packets", which contain much pertinent historical and current information regarding the various Genres, Tribes, etc.  These are available for review, should you wish.  Please let a storyteller know if you wish to review the applicable packets for your character.