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New XP Earning Rules
« on: April 10, 2014, 05:45:08 PM »
Game Attendance - 2 xp
Online Presence - 2 xp

Good Roleplaying - 1 xp
Costuming - 1 xp
Downtime Activites - 1xp

A total of 7 xp can be earned from RAtC per game.
The total was previously 6 xp.

Game Attendance - The player must be present for both halves of the game. (before and after dinner break)
If the player only comes to one half they will receive only one xp.

Online Presence - There will be no definition of this award.  This is left up to the ST team's interpretation.  This could be based on activity or it could be based on good roleplay.  The ST team will discuss each player each month to hand out an award or not.  If you are fairly active and participating in good role play you will most likely earn 2 xp.

Good Roleplaying - This reward encompasses Role Playing as well as behavior and time in Out of Character.  We fully expect everyone to have plenty to do in this game and want to keep OOC to a minimum.  This award will be based off that.

Costuming - I'm very lenient on this but not going to give you this xp for just being in normal clothes.  Please have some flavor to your outfit as this is a LARP.

Downtime Activities - Submitting a downtime within a week after game, and a spending sheet a week before game will earn you this xp.  

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.  These changes are based on past success of this game and results from our survey.